Today's Beauty at Its Best Guilty Pleasure

by Megan Greene Trust us, when it comes to hair coloring, you want to make sure you have the best and safe coloring products.  Many women dye their hair as the seasons change.  Now that Fall is officially here, we're sure you're thinking of switching to a new hair color too.  After a little research, check out what we consider the best organic hair dyes that won't damage your hair! Permanent Herbal Haircolor Gel by Herbatint Looking for an organic hair dye that doesn't damage your hair?  Well, treat yourself to this anti-chemical hair colorant.  Herbatint includes all natural ingredients, and its permanent and ammonia free. Herbatint Permanent Herbal Haircolor Gel,$12.96, Shea Moisture SheaMoisture's Moisture-Rich, Ammonia-Free... CONTINUE READING 10


Soft Kissable Lips

You know the feeling. Your lips feel a little dry, so you give them a quick run-over with your tongue because you don’t feel like digging your tiny tube of balm out of your bag. A few minutes later, your lips feel drier, so you lick them again. But every time you lick your lips, you wipe away all of... CONTINUE READING 11

Find the perfect lip

Looking for the right hue to wear during the day and transition into night with minimal adjustments? We give you an easy guide that will help you find the best color for your skin tone, taking a cue from our favorite celebrities. -Chastity Palmer-Davis from FAIR SKIN Blake Lively and Anne Hathaway Two shades look fantastic on fairer skin tones. Blake shows off... CONTINUE READING 8

New Year New Face

If you’re like us, you like to do your own New Year’s version of spring cleaning every January. You’ve probably thinned out old shoes, clothes and coats galore! But before you tire of the in-with-the-new fetish, don’t forget to give your beauty drawer the royal cleaning treatment. From brush cleaners to raccoon-eye slayers, give your beauty arsenal the squeaky clean... CONTINUE READING 31


It's easy to blurt out over-the-top resolutions during the hype of a fabulous New Year's Eve party. The hot jams, devilish drinks and wild energy will have you believing you'll actually go from working out one day a week to seven, or that you'll quit your job to do more traveling . But when the confetti settles and the new... CONTINUE READING 17

Amanda Seyfried's

Whether she stole your heart as the dimwitted Karen Smith in Mean Girls or had you shamelessly singing along in Mamma Mia, the loveable Amanda Seyfried is out to wow you once again as Cosette in Les Misérables. To celebrate the film sure to snag some Oscar gold and the gorgeous blonde lighting up the screen in it, we're highlighting... CONTINUE READING 8

Celeb Makeovers of The Year

To our shock and awe, a slew of celebs drastically switched up their styles this year, from Anne Hathaway’s statement-making pixie cut for Les Mis, to TaySwift’s more grown-up sleek fringed style, to Lady Gaga and Ke$ha’s dramatic make-unders (they almost look normal….almost). New Year’s is the perfect time to unveil a brand new look, so take some ballsy beauty... CONTINUE READING 16

5 Beauty Trends We Loved in 12

Another year almost gone and another array of fab and drab beauty trends to look back on. This year saw a plethora of bold beauty looks, from wine-stained pouts to dip dyed dos, claw-like talon nails to super short cuts. Some 2012 beauty trends definitely have lasting power, from the uber popular topknot to retro revamps like the bold brow... CONTINUE READING 6

10 beauty products

So apparently, the world is ending today or something. We're not entirely sure what's going on in the minds of those zany Mayans, but what we do know is that our beauty-binging selves are forgetting the gas masks and hand-cranked cell phone chargers, and reaching for fabulous beauty products instead! Here are eleven marvelous makeup finds that every glamazon will... CONTINUE READING 4


You've already decked the halls, sported festive jewelry and picked up the trendiest winter styles. But there's one key thing missing: your nails! They deserve some holiday lovin' too. For some nail art inspiration, here are eight jolly holiday manicures that will make you the shining leader of the pack this season...kind of like Rudolph! -Lauren Urban Santa's Twist on the French... CONTINUE READING 21


Usually we absolutely dread when the temps start dropping and icicles start popping up anywhere and everywhere. That is, until we discovered that those pesky little frozen particles actually boast a bevy of beautifying benefits. From frozen facials to ice bath nail polish sealers, here are five ways that a little ice can go a long way in your daily... CONTINUE READING 11