Today's Recipes to the Rescue Guilty Pleasure
8 Low CalorieFeature

by Megan Greene Everyone deserves a nice cocktail every now and then, right? Unfortunately, most of  our favorite alcoholic beverages aren't too kind to our waistline. So, that's why we're sharing a few cocktails that'll make your happy hour a little bit healthier. Check out our list of  the best 8 low-calorie cocktail recipes that are all tasty and less than 200 calories. Bourbon Grape Crush Enjoy this fruity cocktail at movie night with the girls. Just add ice, bourbon, agave and lemon juice. What you'll need: 1/2 cup halved seedless red grapes 6 large mint leaves, plus more for garnish 3/4 cup crushed ice 1 oz. bourbon 2 teaspoons raw agave 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice (170 Calories) Sweet'N Low... CONTINUE READING 6


Homemade for the Holidays: 6 Sweet Jarred Gifts

Every year, it's always the same—our holiday shopping list seems small and doable at first, but come December 25th, after weeks and weeks of trying to buy the perfect present, our bank accounts are empty and our sanity's pushed to the brink! Instead of feeding into the commercial Christmas craze, how about opting for sweet homemade holiday gifts straight from... CONTINUE READING 4

Quick Fixes for Thanksgiving Dinner Disasters

If it’s your turn to whip up a Thanksgiving feast for the family this year, chances are you might be feeling a little anxious. Will the turkey turn out dry? Will the mashed potatoes have lumps? Will the pie come out cracked? If these are thoughts racing through your mind, then let us put you at ease. For every disaster... CONTINUE READING 2

5 Fall Pies Ready For Your Thanksgiving Table

Turkey? Check? The fixings? Check. Cocktails? Got ‘em. What could be missing? Duh, the pie! Thanksgiving dinner simply isn’t complete without a yum-filled pie and we’ve got not one but five of them. Filled with fall goodness like caramel apples, cranberries, pumpkins, pomegranates and maybe a shot or two of bourbon (oh come on, it’s the holidays!), you definitely won’t... CONTINUE READING 12

Mouthwatering Breads To Bake Up For The Holidays

Happy Homemade Bread Day! Yes, November 17th marks the day when bakers all over break out their rolling pins to whip up warm, delicious loaves of freshly baked bread. And it couldn't come at a better time—Thanksgiving is just around the corner and a house filled with the aromas of homemade bread simply screams "the holidays." Whip up one (or... CONTINUE READING 3

Not Your Mama's Chicken Soup

Chicken soup warms the soul, but not all chicken soups are created equal. Yes, you may nostalgically love the chicken 'n' noodle soup your mom used to whip up for you when you had those cold weather sniffles, but your adult taste buds now are probably craving a little more pizzazz than your childhood fave can offer. In honor of... CONTINUE READING 4

7 Yummy Recipes For Leftover Halloween Candy

You tricked, you treated, and now you've had pieces of leftover Halloween candy seemingly everywhere in your house all weekend, tempting you at every turn. It's officially time for all of us to rid our cabinets, cupboards and secret hiding spots of those sweet temptations, so we're whipping up delicious candy-filled desserts to pass on to friends, family, co-workers, neighbors,... CONTINUE READING 6


The time is finally here to pack up the grill and say goodbye to your favorite warm weather food joints until next season. But that doesn’t mean your daily dinners have to suffer for flavor. The season of the crock pot has arrived, and with it, plenty of recipe options that are quick and easy to make. Take advantage of... CONTINUE READING 11


On Dia de los Muertos, it's customary to cover an altar dedicated to a loved one with sweet treats like sugar skulls, colorful candies and sweet breads. To honor the day, gather your amigas together and enjoy some delicious Day of the Dead-inspired desserts, from homemade sugar skulls to spiked Mexican hot chocolate to pan de muerto, a Mexican sweet... CONTINUE READING 7

Spooktacular Snacks to Serve at Your Halloween Bash

Halloween is quickly creeping up and you’re probably been busy bustling around these past few weeks perfecting all of your Halloween party plans. But if you’re still mulling over what to serve your costumed cohorts at your All Hallows Eve fête, don’t fret! We’ve got plenty of scrumptious party-ready snacks that’ll trick your eyes but treat your taste buds, from... CONTINUE READING 25

Make Your Fave Halloween Candy At Home

Halloween is all fun and costumes until the silent killer pops up in your cupboard: candy. It’s everywhere this time of year, and somehow we just can’t escape its sugary clutches. But you know what they say—if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. And that’s exactly what we’re doing with these homemade Halloween treats. These recipes are even more delicious... CONTINUE READING 5