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By Mallory Feeney The best day of the week—payday—is here! But after paying your rent, bills and other necessities, your food budget might not be as high as you had anticipated. No need to worry! There are plenty of delicious and filling meals out there that can be whipped up (all under $10), without running to the nearest fast food place for dinner. Parmesan Mac & Cheese Mmm, our mouths are watering already! Macaroni and cheese is a staple low-budget dish, not to mention it’s filling and tasty.  Will this recipe fit well in your budget and bonus? You bet, and with plenty... CONTINUE READING 0



Instead of ending dinner with dessert and a cocktail, why not simply combine the decadent vices into one magical recipe? We picked five delectable drinks to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth. Cruzan Cheesecake from Cruzan Rum Ingredients: 1 1/2 parts Cruzan® Vanilla Rum 1 1/2 parts Cruzan® Raspberry Rum 3 parts Cranberry Juice Directions: Combine all ingredients over ice. Chocolate Marshmallow from Smirnoff Ingredients: 1.5 oz.  SMIRNOFF FLUFFED MARSHMALLOW 1 oz. chocolate liqueur 1... CONTINUE READING 14

5 St. Patrick's Day Drinks for Beer Haters

Ah, St. Paddy’s day, a time to celebrate the Irish and fill your guts with booze. Hmm, what’s that? You don’t like beer? (Gasp!) Check out these five sans-beer cocktail recipes to serve up at your Paddy's Day party or order at your local boozing grounds. Cheers to all those chicks opposed to green beer! -Kenia Mazariegos The name may at first conjure up... CONTINUE READING 7


Our favorite low-calorie cocktails make us feel even lighter than the bubbly and alcohol naturally does on its own. With fruity ingredients like fresh raspberries and flavorful additions like mint leaves, these skinny cocktails are hard to resist -- and why should you? Smirnoff Citrus Sunset From Smirnoff Ingredients: 1 oz. Smirnoff Citrus 0.5 oz. Captain Morgan Parrot Bay® Coconut 2 oz. cranberry juice 2 oz. pineapple... CONTINUE READING 6


This may shock you, so we hope you’re sitting down. Sometimes, you don’t need alcohol to have fun. Mind officially blown? Joking aside, it’s so easy to enjoy a nice, refreshingly cold cocktail on a hot day without getting wasted. Maybe you’re with his parents, or your grandmother, or you don’t want to be the drunk intern at your first... CONTINUE READING 7


Can’t bear the thought of gnawing your way through another kale salad? Yeah, neither can we. We kind of wish we could give up on veggies and just eat chocolate all day (or fried chicken), but that whole “healthy living” thing is more than a little important. Most of our favorite veggie-fused recipes are pretty easy to make. We prep our... CONTINUE READING 24


February is National Grapefruit Month, and that means it’s time to give the oversized citrus its time in the spotlight. Don’t be afraid of its tart reputation! A single glass of juice from this bright fruit can give you more than 100% of your daily vitamin C allowance. It also has only 100 calories in every 8-ounce glass, fewer than... CONTINUE READING 9


This Valentine’s Day, give your sweetie a custom-tailored buzz or toast to the good life with your single compadres with libations curated by the arrow-slinging God himself. Best of all, Cupid sorted them all by your desired degree of intoxication. Cheers! - Sunny Montefiore Three Sheets to the Vino-Infused Wind If Cupid’s infamous arrow hit three vintage bottles, these would be them: 1) Estancia’s... CONTINUE READING 9

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Chocolate. It’s been there for us though our worst breakups, our happiest celebrations and all the times we just wanted to indulge. We always thought this sweet treat deserved its own holiday, so we’re super excited that January 31 is designated as National Hot Chocolate Day. To help you celebrate, we’ve rounded up 7 unique, delicious hot chocolate recipes that... CONTINUE READING 9


It’s your birthday again, but you just can’t bear the thought of eating your way through a giant celebratory cake (ours always sits in our kitchen for a week afterward, tempting us at every meal). But think about it — who decided that you absolutely had to have a cake for every birthday? Why not celebrate with something else, like flavored... CONTINUE READING 11


Forget railroad-striped blazers and envelope clutches -- beer cocktails are the real trend right now (and one that even your guy friends will love). They make a nice compromise for those of us not so into straight beer, and can transform the leftovers from your last party into something that you actually want to drink. Beware that adding liquor to... CONTINUE READING 7