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By Mallory Feeney It’s that time of the year again! Grab your friends, find your “Kiss me, I’m Irish” tee and work up an appetite for corn beef and cabbage, beer and all that can be green. Well, maybe going to a crowded bar where it takes an hour to order a Bud Light isn’t your idea of fun this year–so, why not host your own St. Patrick’s Day party? Read on for tips on how to make this St. Patty’s Day shindig the best yet! Decorations Like with any themed party, the theme will be lost sans decorations. There’s no need to break... CONTINUE READING 9



April 22nd marks Earth Day! Though Mother Nature has been a little unkind to us lately, we ought to celebrate all that our planet has done to sustain us. Want to do a little more than just host a recycling drive? Consider hosting your own Earth Day party and take a super creative twist on ordinary goods. -Meryl Lumba 1. Decor:... CONTINUE READING 2


You know how the radio’s still playing music from, like, six years ago? So boring...although we confess we still rock out to last summer’s “Call Me Maybe” every once in a while. This spring, pick out some fresh music to go with those fresh flowers. We’ve put together four different playlists to help you get started, mixing lots of peppy... CONTINUE READING 17


For all the college basketball fans out there, March Madness is back and as bold as ever! What other way to celebrate this annual championship better than to host a March Madness Party? Not a huge basketball fan? Use this as an excuse to get your friends to invite some basketball-loving cuties to come over... CONTINUE READING 9


Unless you're just meeting friends for a post-hangover brunch or parking your butt on your guy friend's couch for an Archer marathon, it's smart to head into any social gathering knowing how to work the room. Whether you're in stiff pinstripes at a corporate gathering, mingling with strangers at a birthday party, or putting your best fashion (and dating) foot forward... CONTINUE READING 9

DIY St. Paddy's Day Party Ideas

Cheers to another holiday! This time around, we’ll be sharing a few of our favorite St. Patrick’s Day hostessing tips. Some look forward to this holiday because it's surrounded by drinking, but we professional hostesses love it as another reason to throw a themed party (okay, and have a drink or two)! LUCKY CHARMS MARSHMALLOW TREATS This Lucky Charms marshmallow treat recipe... CONTINUE READING 14


It's finally here! Festival season is back in 2013 and it's time to prepare for the epic months ahead. What better way to organize than to go shopping for the perfect outfit? But, this year is different; you're going with your boyfriend, a dynamic group of your best girlfriends, or on a thrilling mission as a groupie to meet your... CONTINUE READING 4


If y'all haven’t been to the capital city of Texas during the epic South by Southwest Music/Tech/Film/Everything festival, go. Book your plane and buy your festival pass now. Because the schedule is simply overwhelming, we’ve picked out the best things you can do in Austin March 8-17, from free concerts to anticipated talks and panels. -Natalie Brown 1. All The Free... CONTINUE READING 9


It’s the 85th annual Academy Awards! This means: a slew of celebs in bedazzled gowns, a spunky, spray-tanned Ryan Seacrest and naturally...drinking games! Whether you’re a champagne sipper, a cocktail shaker, or a do-gooder still keeping that New Year’s resolution, we’ve got a cocktail to float any drinking boat. -Anne Roderique-Jones The Silver Linings Martini This Oscar cocktail is inspired by... CONTINUE READING 11


We're not all Martha Stewart, but with a bit of practice you can learn how to decorate cakes and cupcakes just like the pros do. We're not saying it'll be easy (some of us aren't so good at hand-eye coordination), but with a few tips and tricks you can be on your way to mastering the art of frosting. -Natalie... CONTINUE READING 8


It’s the Baltimore Ravens vs. San Francisco 49ers -- right? Even if you don’t know anything about football, throwing a party for one of the biggest TV events of the year can make the game sooo much more enjoyable. We’ve put together this little guide so you can make this the most memorable Super Bowl yet (without missing those awesome... CONTINUE READING 9