Today's Party Ideas Guilty Pleasure

By Mallory Feeney It’s that time of the year again! Grab your friends, find your “Kiss me, I’m Irish” tee and work up an appetite for corn beef and cabbage, beer and all that can be green. Well, maybe going to a crowded bar where it takes an hour to order a Bud Light isn’t your idea of fun this year–so, why not host your own St. Patrick’s Day party? Read on for tips on how to make this St. Patty’s Day shindig the best yet! Decorations Like with any themed party, the theme will be lost sans decorations. There’s no need to break... CONTINUE READING 9



by Ariel Leconte We know you've heard of this before - the at-home spa party. We just can't help but remind you of it, at a time when our wallets are looking THIN and there's still so much girl time left to cram in before summer's over! For the girlfriends who enjoy an afternoon of mani-pedis, there is nothing more wonderful... CONTINUE READING 17


by Ariel Leconte Looking for an excuse to have a party night with your friends? It’s summer and when there's an open weekend, it must be your turn to host. Check out these 3 perfect party ideas we’ve lined up for the next hot months. It’s A Circus In Here Every kid loves the circus, but the thrill of the three rings bring out... CONTINUE READING 11

True Blood Drinking Game

Us Trubies saw a total change in the cinematography of the 6th season. Now taking on a more serious tone, the premiere of True Blood still managed to make us laugh with now even more subtle tones (did anyone else catch Tara zipping up her pants?). The rest of the season promises lots of action, drama, and cohesiveness—which was lacking... CONTINUE READING 5

Let's Have a Kiki

It's the fun craze that swept through summer 2012 and now that it's warm again, it's time to revisit throwing a kiki! What is a kiki you ask? Well just let the  Scissor Sisters tell you! A kiki is the ultimate girls night in of breaking necks, spilling tea, and relieving your stress, and we've got... CONTINUE READING 3


Remember those Tupperware parties your mom used to throw? The one’s where she would try to convince her friends to buy colorful assortments of plastic containers? Well in 2013 we don’t throw parties for containers anymore, but there’s no shortage of plastic. Parties where women sell sex toys, more affectionately known as “passion parties” have... CONTINUE READING 19

Dream of the 90s Party

It’s hilarious enough just talking about the 90’s....Why don’t you bring it all back for a night to pay homage to the decade of grunge fashion and Gigapets? Don't forget to use all the proper slang to really bring the 90s dream alive. Aight? - Grace Texter 90’s Music The 90’s had some of the greatest music EVER! Am I right? So... CONTINUE READING 12

Vegan Foods to Try Today

There are so many health trends out there that it's hard to keep track of what's good and what's just unsavory. When it comes to being a vegan, it can be hard to find recipes and products that adhere to our dietary restrictions but don’t taste like glue. We did some research and gathered our 5 favorite products that... CONTINUE READING 12

Party Like Jay Gatsby

Now that you've seen The Great Gatsby, it's time to get together and do your own rendition of the 1920s, while practicing your Long Island accent. We have the perfect ideas for hosting a raving soiree - from Gatsby-inspired cocktails, to jazz-age music - for way less than Mr. Gatsby would have done it himself. Here's a roundup of what... CONTINUE READING 13

Feed Six for Less Than 60

Okay, so the pressure is on. You’re hosting a dinner party for some friends and you’re the star of the night—the chef! Sometimes plans are made way in advance and when the time comes, you may find yourself scrambling for cash. But no need to worry, we’ve got a scrumptious recipe that will leave your guests feeling full and happy…... CONTINUE READING 8


In the mood for a party this upcoming weekend? Look no further for inspiration than the women strutting their leading lady stuff on prime time. Here’s a look at 4 of our favorite characters and what kind of gathering they inspire. Don’t forget, the party where you invite your best girls over to drink cocktails and catch up on one... CONTINUE READING 5