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Best Movie Moms Of All-Time

By Marcus Scott In honor of Mother’s Day, we here at Shecky’s would like to send our love out to all the women in our lives and all mothers—past, present and future. You deserve it. Beyoncé was quite right when she declared that girls do, in fact, run the world. For over 16 years, you’ve supported  Shecky’s and we want to return the favor with a look at some of the most pivotal portrayals of movie moms. Yeah, what a cliché… But to women who have not had the best representation of motherhood or even a central family figure to aspire... CONTINUE READING 41


8 Ways to Spruce Up Outdoor Summer Space Yourself

Since summer is only about three months long, you simply have to take advantage of all that gorgeous weather while you still can with good ol’ relaxation and recreation in your outdoor space. Whether your goal is to lounge, wine, dine, or simply escape the hustle and bustle of your house for a hot second, we have some simple yet... CONTINUE READING 8

Mom Cave: Her Own Space For Mother's Day

Sorry dad, your man cave will have to take a break until June because this Mother's Day, it's all about the mom cave. With Saturday's premiere of HGTV's new show Mom Caves shedding some light on mama's need for some personal space, this Mother's Day is the perfect time to give mom the best gift she could ever (but would... CONTINUE READING 10

Cute Gear to Get You In The Garden

When I was a girl, I used to spend hours and hours in my grandmother’s garden, watering and helping plant her gorgeous plants. I felt like a proud mother-plant watching her baby-sprouts grow into full-fledged adults—I even named them! My grandma and I made gardening personal, not only with our plants but also with our gardening tools. To celebrate Earth... CONTINUE READING 7

Go Green: Earth-Friendly Décor for Your Digs

As any earth-loving gal knows, sustainability means making green lifestyle choices every day—it’s what you choose to eat, wear, and, of course, use every day in your home! In honor of Earth Day, I’ve put together a list of seven cute, crafty, eco-friendly home décor items to add to your pad. If you’re feeling inspired to do some spring cleaning,... CONTINUE READING 8

Prettify Your Pad For Spring

Spring's finally here and it's time to embrace all the beauty this season brings. But while we adore the crisp, warm, airy weather breezing through our cracked-open windows, why not bring some of that beauty indoors and reflect the season with fresh, funky decor to prettify your pad this spring. This way when nighttime falls, you can still feel like... CONTINUE READING 12

So Fresh & So Clean: Spring Cleaning How To’s

At Shecky's Girls’ Night Out event in New York City in March, I had the fortune of chatting with Jaclyn Gross, the founder of Tip Top Organizing, a company specializing in helping people clear the clutter from every area of their home, from the office to the basement. Our chat got me thinking—what are the best ways to get a... CONTINUE READING 12

Pretty Plants Even a Black Thumb Couldn’t Kill

If you’re like me, you love how amazing plants look, especially when they’re in full bloom. They do wonders to improve your mood and make any space look beautiful. The downside of plants, however, is the amount of maintenance to keep them looking lovely and lush. For those of us who love plants but have been cursed with a black... CONTINUE READING 38

Add a Little "Irish" to Your Home Accents

This St. Patrick’s season, give up gaudy green décor for classier takes on Irish-inspired home styles. See six of my favorite Irish fixin's—most of which can be used long after March 17, too! -Cait Rohan Invoke the earthy smell of Ireland with a trendy take on Irish moss via Diptyque’s Mousse Candle – Moss ($60 on The smell is more a... CONTINUE READING 6

Reduce Clutter That’s Draining Your Spirit

I love the feeling that spring is right around the corner. I'm a huge fan of of spring-cleaning, both for our physical environments and for our spirits. It's a time of renewal, reflection, and releasing blocks that have been holding us back from sharing our gifts. It's time to open up and let the fresh air in, do some sweeping,... CONTINUE READING 11

Decorating Ideas That Won't Send Your Guy Running

What guy would want to step foot in a home that's oozing with a big aura of estrogen? Exactly. While decorating should definitely be in line with your personal taste, when you move in with your man, there are a few pointers you should always keep in mind. Follow these ideas to keep both you and... CONTINUE READING 11