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Best Movie Moms Of All-Time

By Marcus Scott In honor of Mother’s Day, we here at Shecky’s would like to send our love out to all the women in our lives and all mothers—past, present and future. You deserve it. Beyoncé was quite right when she declared that girls do, in fact, run the world. For over 16 years, you’ve supported  Shecky’s and we want to return the favor with a look at some of the most pivotal portrayals of movie moms. Yeah, what a cliché… But to women who have not had the best representation of motherhood or even a central family figure to aspire... CONTINUE READING 41



by Mallory Feeney Spring is almost here, so we know what that means… spring cleaning. Yes, it’s time to dive into the dreaded time warp that is our closet and sort through what we have, what we don’t really wear anymore and other random collections that have been hidden away. But, cleaning our closets doesn’t have to be a chore –... CONTINUE READING 15


by Kendal Perez We all know clutter can make us crazy, but did you know it can also cause chaos in your finances? An unorganized closet, for example, can lead us to buy things we already own or replace things much sooner than necessary. Not convinced? Check out these reasons why having an orderly closet can save your style and money. 1.... CONTINUE READING 18


by Andrea Woroch With freezing temperatures blanketing most of the country, you may be spending more time indoors than normal. When you're trapped at home, it doesn't take long before the walls start closing in and you become painfully aware of all the things you'd like to change. Whether it's the dust on the blinds or piles of unread mail, now's... CONTINUE READING 14


by Joann Vaglica Lighting candles, spraying air freshener, and using plugins to make the home smell good are so 2013! By using everyday kitchen essentials, like fruits and spices, you can try any (or all!) of our five DIY home scents – which can be heated via stovetop, an uncovered slow cooker, fondue pot, and/or by mug-teapot-candle warmer method. These DIY fragrances... CONTINUE READING 9


It’s the new year, and it’s time for a new space! But let’s face it: most of us aren’t moving, so to gear up for 2014 and some positive vibes in your home, why don’t you consider rearranging some things around? We promise it’ll feel refreshing – and you might fall in love with your apartment all over again. Get... CONTINUE READING 16


by Joann Vaglica At first glance, it doesn’t look that easy to make a homemade wreath, right? Well, we’ve picked out five DIY (do it yourself) holiday wreaths that are so simple to make, we’ll have you second-guessing if you should start making or continue buying those beautiful wreaths displayed in the store. We suggest you keep the spirit alive this... CONTINUE READING 7


The kitchen can get messy. From cooking traditional food to dessert to holiday meals, both our outfits and our kitchens are a hot mess. We’ve got something that’ll make the task less tedious – and you can look much, much more fashionable while doing it all! Here are some cute aprons for every occasion from our friends over at Flirty... CONTINUE READING 9


by Dominique Fernandez Working out… some of us love it so much that we crave it, but most of us might actually dread it, right? No shame in admitting that, ladies! Getting sweaty while giving it your all at the gym or outdoors is obviously hard, but definitely worth it. We understand that sometimes you may get... CONTINUE READING 0


Spending money so close to the holidays can be daunting, especially if we've got lots of gifts to buy. In fact, not even Black Friday and Cyber Monday can help us save some cash. But no worries – we've got you covered. Decorating for winter is still totally doable. Here's some budget-friendly and cost effective deco tips for us girls... CONTINUE READING 7


by Dominique Fernandez Have you been getting into those ‘light a candle by the bedside and cozy up with a book and a glass of wine’ type of moods lately? We sure have and that can only mean one thing. It’s time to round up our favorite candles for cold weather! Triggering your best holiday memories has never been more affordable... CONTINUE READING 14