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by Megan Greene Looking to still get a nice buzz but in a healthy way? A glass of wine can range from 80–300 calories, so we've compiled a list of our favorite 5 low calorie wines. Enjoy! Dominique Portet Yarra Valley Sauvignon Blanc End your evening with a 4-ounce (118 ml) glass of this sweet white wine, it's only 80 calories. Wow! Domaine Romain Chablis Pour yourself a 5-ounce (148 ml) glass of Chablis wine, which is only 85 calories without breaking your diet. Sutter Home Cabernet Sauvignon Keep your waist-line petite with a 4-ounce (118 ml) glass of this wine weighing in at 90 calories. Skinny Vine Slim Chardonnay On a diet? With... CONTINUE READING 8



by Ayesha Richardson Bring on the new beginnings!  Whether its foreplay, date nights, teasing, shower sex, or oral sex these methods can prove vital to a lasting relationship. Foreplay Foreplay is the best way to get closer when you have your menstruation cycle.  A little extra touching and kissing can bring your relationship to a whole new level.  Of course, this time will allow you and your... CONTINUE READING 9


by Ayesha Richardson & Megan Greene When it comes to stress, women definitely have a habit of worrying much more than men. So, why is this? Well, we don't have the scientific answer to that question but we're sharing a little advice that might help you relieve a little stress and look at the brighter side. Career Equality Having a career of your... CONTINUE READING 11


by Megan Greene Fall is here! Yes, you guessed right it's time to shop for all your favorite style boots. And if you haven't began shopping for boots this Fall, that's totally fine. We want to help you snag this season's hottest boots, all while staying in an affordable price range. Take a look at what we consider the 7 best... CONTINUE READING 11

Dating After 50
October 15, 2014

by Marina Kennedy Are you over 50?  This may mean that you’re staying strong and stretching your wings in new relationships.  Your 50's can be flirty, fun and fulfilling!  Here are a few tips for Shecky’s readers who want to stay young and keep it moving. So, He’s A Little Younger Or Older Movie stars don’t cling to the same age group, so why should you?  A few years difference can make a relationship more interesting. Don’t Be... CONTINUE READING 0

50 Feature

by Marina Kennedy So you’re in your fabulous 50′s and you want to continue to exercise and stay fit. We're sure you’ll agree that it's essential to be healthy whether you're 21 or 51.That’s why we’re sharing a few tips for Shecky’s friends in their 50′s. Better than morning coffee, take a walk For those wishing to start a fitness routine, get to... CONTINUE READING 11


by Megan Greene Did you know over 20 million Americans have diabetes, and nearly 5 million are not aware that they have this disease? Considering that October is National Diabetes Month, we've decided to share a few healthy desserts for those with diabetes. Check out our list of the tastiest diabetic friendly desserts. Mocha Ricotta Tiramisu You will need: 1 tsp espresso powder 1⁄2 cup... CONTINUE READING 6


by Megan Greene On a diet? Looking for some healthy recipes that are still flavorful? Well, you are what you eat and that's why we're here to help! Check out our list of 5 tasty low fat meals you should try immediately. Chicken & White Bean Salad We hope you enjoy this chicken and bean salad recipe. It's nutritious, heart-healthy and delicious. Yummy! You will need: 2... CONTINUE READING 6


by Megan Greene Trust us, when it comes to hair coloring, you want to make sure you have the best and safe coloring products.  Many women dye their hair as the seasons change.  Now that Fall is officially here, we're sure you're thinking of switching to a new hair color too.  After a little research, check out what we consider the best organic hair dyes that... CONTINUE READING 10

Single&NotLooking Feature

by Megan Greene He's flirting with YOU!  He finally calls again and wants to see you up close and personal to have "the delayed talk." No Honey, not now!!!  You're guarding your heart.  You're feeling single and loving it! Take a look at some of the reasons why you're probably single and not looking to hook up anytime soon. Focused Perhaps, you're strictly focused... CONTINUE READING 10


by Megan Greene Are we a couple? Is the number one question many women ask themselves when dating a particular guy after 3 months. And as much as you feel like you're dating exclusively or committed only to each other, the question is are you? Well, if you're having a difficult time figuring out exactly what it is you and this... CONTINUE READING 12