Today's NO BOYS ALLOWED Guilty Pleasure

By Roselyn Sebastian Sleeping with your boss is one of the ultimate temptations, but can also end in disaster if you indulge. Is there a way to jump into bed and actually advance your career without ruining your personal life? We understand that not at all affairs are created equal, things happen. But if you can take a breath and think on it, consider the following things. Will It Advance Your Career? There’s nothing worse than getting passed over for a promotion. But the solution to that problem is usually not getting between the sheets. If you do decide that’s what you’re going... CONTINUE READING 5



While May is a popular wedding month, some of us enjoy the beauty and peacefulness of white winters. So whether you want a icy wedding destination or a romantic, intimate ceremony on the mountainside,  here are our top 5 winter wedding destinations: 1. Lake Tahoe, Nevada For a beautiful mountainside view and guaranteed snow, visit Lake Tahoe for amazing views and an... CONTINUE READING 20


by Joann Vaglica Their outlandish behavior might have caused them to land on Hollywood’s bad boy list, but we decided to highlight their bad boy persona in a different way. To us, they’re Hollywood bad boys who are actually doting dads! These celebrities have been called many things, but heartfelt, genuine, family men they definitely are. Jay Z If you haven’t seen... CONTINUE READING 8


by Marcus Scott If your boyfriend once dated or desired a transwoman, would things be different? Earlier this year, hip-hop DJ Mister Cee publicly acknowledged receiving oral sex from a transwoman*. *Note that transwomen aren't transvestites (a biological man or woman dressing up as the opposite sex) – these are two totally different terminologies! Naturally, this inspired gossip sites to question... CONTINUE READING 14

paul walker

by Dominique Fernandez In the midst of us mourning Paul Walker’s unfortunate passing, let’s celebrate his greatest moments throughout  life both on and off screen. The heart-breakingly beautiful piercing-blue-eyed actor, son, brother, partner, and father was loved by many for his true talent and genuine, giving heart. His young career... Baby Paul during his earliest acting role as ‘Professor’... CONTINUE READING 23


by Chelsea Hirsch Congrats! You’ve survived the awkward family Thanksgiving dinner and your trophy is in the mail. And now that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over with, you’re probably thinking ahead to bigger and better holidays, like Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year’s. In case you’re panicking about how to share your time with your family and your new boyfriend,... CONTINUE READING 10


by Joann Vaglica There are so many options when it comes to picking out the perfect dress for the girls in your bridal party, that at first, it can seem nearly impossible. Although it’s nice to keep tradition, it’s also nice to switch things up sometimes too. Speaking of, breaking the traditional bridal party dress code has become all the rage... CONTINUE READING 12


by Joann Vaglica Did you know while you’re kissing your partner, you’re swapping anywhere from millions to billions in bacteria? How about the fact that there's over 20 ingredients found in semen, including Creatine and Vitamin B12? Did you know about that? Oh! Need a quick fix to get your blood flowing pre-sex? Eat a piece of salmon, an avocado, or... CONTINUE READING 13


Happy Thanksgiving! What an odd coincidence it is that Trey’s birthday falls on Thanksgiving this year! This Hip-Hop/R&B artist has risen to success since his debut in 2005. And like a good bottle of wine, he only gets better with age. Here’s a few reasons we’re thankful for Trey (happy birthday!). 1. That voice From his catchy hip-hop collabs to his soothing... CONTINUE READING 10


by Martin York Chances are, you’re not going to need a big high-def TV for your wedding, no matter how good the price. But there may be other Black Friday deals you can use for your big day, which is part of the reason why you and your besties will be shivering outside a store waiting for it to open. If... CONTINUE READING 14


by Dominique Fernandez In celebration of Hanukkah’s commencement this week, we want to give you our own, personalized present. What better way to celebrate the Feast of Dedication than by dedicating it to the top 15 hottest hunks in the Jewish celeb world? Following up with our last year’s list, we’ve carefully selected our 2013 favorites... CONTINUE READING 8