Today's NO BOYS ALLOWED Guilty Pleasure

By Roselyn Sebastian Whether you jet off to a beach house or you hoard your vacation days, when we’re on vacation we can let our hair down. No conference calls or emails that demand our immediate attention, no suits or slacks (hello cute sundresses!) In a word: freedom. The temptation to indulge in a little summer fling is hard to resist. And why should you? What is it about having a fling that’s so irresistible? It’s because, unlike like modern dating, the rules are pretty clear. You basically enter into a social contract where you both agree that you’ll have fun in... CONTINUE READING 2



Happy Thanksgiving! What an odd coincidence it is that Trey’s birthday falls on Thanksgiving this year! This Hip-Hop/R&B artist has risen to success since his debut in 2005. And like a good bottle of wine, he only gets better with age. Here’s a few reasons we’re thankful for Trey (happy birthday!). 1. That voice From his catchy hip-hop collabs to his soothing... CONTINUE READING 10


by Martin York Chances are, you’re not going to need a big high-def TV for your wedding, no matter how good the price. But there may be other Black Friday deals you can use for your big day, which is part of the reason why you and your besties will be shivering outside a store waiting for it to open. If... CONTINUE READING 14


by Dominique Fernandez In celebration of Hanukkah’s commencement this week, we want to give you our own, personalized present. What better way to celebrate the Feast of Dedication than by dedicating it to the top 15 hottest hunks in the Jewish celeb world? Following up with our last year’s list, we’ve carefully selected our 2013 favorites... CONTINUE READING 8


by Dominique Fernandez Love at first sight. We have all heard this phrase at some point in our lives, and some of us may even say that we have felt it. There are those who believe in it wholeheartedly, while others don't even think it's merely a possible concept. Maybe, it is a relative perception that only applies... CONTINUE READING 13


While People magazine named Adam Levine the “Sexiest Man of the Year,” we tend to disagree! Isn’t he totally overrated? First of all, other than Maroon 5’s album from circa 2002, isn’t this quite the leap? Bad music and bad acting (American Horror Story: Asylum anyone?) combined, we’re afraid we can name a bunch of other men that should’ve won.... CONTINUE READING 16


To celebrate this Friday's release of Catching Fire, the second installment of the trilogy, we thought we'd take a look at the romantic life lessons that can be learned from Suzanne Collins' addicting series – and for a book about kids murdering kids, it's still a better love story than Twilight. 1. You get rewarded for PDA. C’mon folks, did you not... CONTINUE READING 10


by Dominique Fernandez After saying"‘yes" to your wedding proposal, the second most important "yes" in your life will hands down be to your wedding gown. This dress is the one dress that we have all dreamed about since we were little girls – some have wanted the open back since they can remember, others prefer the sweetheart neckline for obvious reasons,... CONTINUE READING 22


"STI" stands for sexually transmitted infections (such as Chlamydia, Syphilis, and Gonorrhea), which are passed from one partner to another through sexual contact. You can learn more about them here. There’s a huge stigma that goes along having an STI, and almost all people who have one are vilified. Whether the bearer is a guy or a girl, the person... CONTINUE READING 11

Lingerie He’ll Love
November 19, 2013

by Dominique Fernandez Holidays are nearing, and you can’t figure out what to get for your sweetie? How about spicing things up this season, and buying yourself some lingerie for him? You can wrap what you buy in a nice, sleek box with a big red bow on it or you can simply wear it. Trust me, he'll definitely love it,... CONTINUE READING 15


by Romy Roloff Whether you’re thinking “I saw this coming…” or “What? Why?”  let’s all take one moment to remember what once was… 1. Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom This one is definitely a “What? Why?” These two gorgeous human beings seemed so perfect together. After six years together, the couple decided to make their split official. They both remain very friendly and... CONTINUE READING 6