Today's NO BOYS ALLOWED Guilty Pleasure

by Ayesha Richardson Bring on the new beginnings!  Whether its foreplay, date nights, teasing, shower sex, or oral sex these methods can prove vital to a lasting relationship. Foreplay Foreplay is the best way to get closer when you have your menstruation cycle.  A little extra touching and kissing can bring your relationship to a whole new level.  Of course, this time will allow you and your partner to connect on a non-sexual level. Dating Time Make this time the best time to go on as many dates as you like.  Going on dates and not having sex with your partner during your menstruation cycle allows the two of you to practice a more romantic side of... CONTINUE READING 9



by Marcus Scott Cal's (Steve Carell) character in Crazy Stupid Love went through a drastic change thanks to Jacob (Ryan Gosling). Like Cal, some guys simply have no idea how to dress themselves, but at the end of the day—especially for those who are in government, corporate, customer service or entertainment—it’s all about image. Trust us, if you have any awareness... CONTINUE READING 14


Like Ross from Friends, it’s totally possible to be married and divorced (and even multiple times!) under 30. Though it may not feel like it, you’re not the only one and it happens all the time. Now, stop feeling embarrassed about the situation and move on! Yes, you read that correctly. Here’s a few things to remind yourself when times... CONTINUE READING 19


There’s a negative connotation with the idea of being with younger men. And the show Cougar Town certainly puts our flirting-with-the-pool-boy fantasies to shame. However, there’s a reason why shows like Cougar Town, which focuses on older women dating younger men, are so successful. Here’s a few reasons why there’s no shame in dating a younger guy. 1. You’re the Teacher Tag... CONTINUE READING 3


by Marcus Scott Not unlike the age-old tradition of snagging something old, something new, something borrowed or something blue in the West, around the world jumping the broom in any culture comes with a rather extensive laundry list of rites and rituals. Some wedding attire is a little more complicated than a white diamond  princess-cut gown and veil. After all, that... CONTINUE READING 12

Bisexual & Married
January 3, 2014

2013 saw a lot of progress toward marriage equality. And while this is a step forward for those who want to marry their same-sex partner, there’s some grey areas to discuss. In this case, folks who are bisexual who happen to marry someone of the opposite sex can feel like issues tied to their identity are ignored or simply not... CONTINUE READING 3


Ah, it’s 2014! The New Year is the only time we can sip champagne we can’t afford and not feel terrible about ourselves. Just when you thought you were tired of showing up solo to everyone’s holiday fetes, you wake up next to someone totally hungover the morning after the ball drops. We can make a ton of jokes at... CONTINUE READING 12

Why We Love It Too
December 30, 2013

by Joann Vaglica It’s not often you hear us women talk about a new porno we just picked up or the sex tape we watched last night, but we too want to feel dominant in the bedroom, so don’t think for a second many of us aren’t making our sexual fantasies come true with the help of some visual aid. As a... CONTINUE READING 12


by Joann Vaglica Calling all naughty girls! From the always-playful lover to the girls who are looking to add some va-va-voom to their sex lives, we’ve come up with the perfect gifts that keep on giving. Turn your sex romp into a night of unforgettable love making with these sex toys! 1. Vibease Vibrator Ever get tired of those awkward Skype sex tease sessions... CONTINUE READING 11


by Marissa Collado It's no secret that sometimes women want emotionless commitment and free sex just as much as men do! However navigating the sea of one-night stand fish can be difficult and awkward... but it doesn’t have to be. Here are our tips to a successful one night stand to get the temporary sparks flying – all while avoiding the... CONTINUE READING 11


by Marissa Collado Getting engaged should be one of the happiest moments of your life, but what if you suddenly realize your friends are jealous? What's supposed to be a time of joy now has you feeling guilty and awkward. Now what, you ask? We think there's a way to navigate through this: here's a few ways to confront the situation without... CONTINUE READING 11