Today's MAKEOVER MANUAL Guilty Pleasure

by Megan Greene Fall is here! Yes, you guessed right it's time to shop for all your favorite style boots. And if you haven't began shopping for boots this Fall, that's totally fine. We want to help you snag this season's hottest boots, all while staying in an affordable price range. Take a look at what we consider the 7 best brands for affordable boots. Steve Madden CRAAVE  Tan Leather Boot, $69.98, Steve Madden’s chestnut color leather boots, CRAAVE, offer a slouchy boho style for your Fall and Winter wardrobe. These riding boots go perfect with a pair of denim jeans or a... CONTINUE READING 11



By Roselyn Sebastian Great hair and a fierce outfit is like icing on a cupcake, which means loving your locks is non-negotiable. Fortunately, taking care of your hair doesn't have to mean breaking the bank at Duane Reade. Most of the ingredients for these DIY treatments can just be picked up at the grocery store. Lemons Dull hair is just depressing.... CONTINUE READING 13


By Megan Greene If you haven’t noticed the “it” jewelry to wear this season, it’s the oh-so sexy body chain. This fashion trend might be here to stay; women have been rocking their chains with swim suits, dresses, and even as hair accessories. The body jewelry seems to add not only more style to what you're wearing but creates this mysterious... CONTINUE READING 18


By Marcus Scott Few entertainers of modern-day hold an artistic candle to singer-songwriter, musician, producer, dancer and fashion muse Janelle Monáe. Few. Acting as protégé to hip-hip icons Outkast, she quickly established herself after signing with Bad Boy records and Atlantic Records, respectively. After a career surge with the release of her debut The ArchAndroid, and it’s much anticipated 2013 follow-up... CONTINUE READING 13

Eyelashes Cheatsheet

by Roselyn Sebastian False eyelashes can be a fierce addition to your beauty routine, but they can be daunting if you've never applied them before.  Here are a couple things to keep in mind before channeling your inner Zooey Deschanel. 1. Type of Lashes As with hair extensions, falsies could either go with natural or synthetic hair.  Natural eyelashes are made from sanitized... CONTINUE READING 8


by Megan Greene Ouch. Ugh. Yikes, is pretty much all you hear or say when you're out partying with your girls and still trying your best to look effortlessly divine in a pair fancy pumps. We're familiar with the term beauty is pain, but how many times will women have to put on the infamous poker face to hide behind the... CONTINUE READING 22

Spring 2014 Nail Colors

By Megan Greene We’ve all been there: Your dress is gorgeous and compliments your figure, your hair looks absolutely lush, your show game is stunning and your makeup has never looked better. But something is off: Your nails don’t pack quite the whollop your ensemble does. With the arrival of Springtime and the impending Summer, neon bright and pastel colors are... CONTINUE READING 7

A Touch Of Teal

By Megan Greene Step out on the scene and own it! It’s time to switch it up and have your bubbly and energetic personality show through your style. Granted, adding a touch of teal with other bright colors might seem a little much but it's actually more flattering than you think. Why should you choose to be safe with your fashion... CONTINUE READING 16

Worst Dressed Met

By Roselyn Sebastian Last night was the much anticipated Met Ball, and this year’s theme was "high society" (a more regal affair than last year's epic "punk rock" theme). Unfortunately with theme parties, there are always some people who just completely miss the mark. The high society theme was supposed to elicit old school glamour and a return to Golden Era... CONTINUE READING 15

Naya Rivera Discover

By Marcus Scott Glee’s resident spicy Latina cheerleader Satana Lopez, known for her brutally honest snark and laugh-out-loud witty insults, was the show’s cruel and calculating high school terror. But then something magical happened: She dropped the bad girl act, came out as an out-and-proud lesbian, and turned out to be everyone’s favorite down-to-earth primetime TV home girl. Predictably, the beautiful... CONTINUE READING 12

Trendsetting Reality TV Stars

by Megan Greene Reality shows may have a bad reputation for their drama and ridiculous feuds among cast members, but aside from the chaos, some good has come of it: We were introduced to those now considered television's most successful trendsetting reality stars. These trendsetters have not only made an impact on the fashion industry, but are making their way onto... CONTINUE READING 12