Today's MAKEOVER MANUAL Guilty Pleasure

By Bianca Logrono Whether you’re a like-happy Instagram prowler or talkative Tweeter, if you’re into beauty and fashion, you know there are few apps worthy of your download. Many of the so-called beauty and fashion apps don’t have the dazzling affect that, say, Candy Crush or Flappy Bird have. Yet, there are mentionable downloads for beauty and fashion lovers. Here are some (useful!) beauty and fashion apps you’ll love to have on hand. Virtual Makeover by Modiface Will this pink lipstick look good on me? Is that smoky eye overkill? Does blue eyeshadow compliment my eye color? When you don’t have the time... CONTINUE READING 7



by Dominique Fernandez Winter is nearing us, and those who don’t live too close to the equator (like myself) are starting to feel the cold! Brrr. It’s definitely time to bring out the gloves, double pair of socks, tights, scarves, coats, and ear muffs. However, before you do, there are a few fashion tips to keep in mind regarding the fabrics... CONTINUE READING 12


by Courtney A. Leiva After a long day at the office, there’s nothing quite better than coming home to the boobtube and sliding into a good pair of slippers. For a great pair that brings on the relaxation almost instantly, check out our absolute favorite slippers to lounge around (and be equally stylish!) in. 1. Built Fold & Go Slippers These fun-printed slippers... CONTINUE READING 11


by Mekishana Pierre In our previous installments of Powerful Women & Their Style, we've gone through the powerhouses of society ranging from television, politics, and music. These were only a few of the women who have made their mark in society and as the years go by, we’ll have plenty more. For our last installment of Powerful Women & Their Style,... CONTINUE READING 3


It’s almost the end of 2013, and as we look back, sometimes we can feel a little… defeated. Like the characters of the HBO series, Girls, we can feel stressed, overworked, underpaid, or maybe even totally broke. Us 20-somethings have a lot of the “real world” to face. But while the real world can be totally discouraging, we have to... CONTINUE READING 10


Did you ladies watch the AMAs last night? Other than Miley's  cat friend, Lil Mama joining TLC to perform (why?), and Rihanna's doobie, the AMAs were mediocre at best, though we know Pitbull tried his hardest. Here's our list of red carpet wins and fails, for those of you who are curious about what you've missed! Win: Christina Aguilera Wearing: Maria Lucia... CONTINUE READING 13


by Rochelle Williams As if we actually needed a reason to be persuaded to shop online, Cyber Monday has quickly become the new kick-off to seasonal holiday shopping each year! Yes, you’ll still find many die-hard deal fans skipping Thanksgiving dinner to secure a great Black Friday deal, but more and more shoppers are holding off until the Monday after, and... CONTINUE READING 12


by Rochelle Williams Put down the Living Social app and step away from the $29 blowout deal. We’ve all been there, stuck somewhere between a rock and a frizzy place, not yet needing a haircut but in desperate need of some va-va-voom to your ‘do! As self-proclaimed product junkies, when it comes to at-home beauty, we’ve tried it all. There’s been... CONTINUE READING 13


by Mekishana Pierre Women in music have been called many names, from divas to show-stoppers, and everything in between. Whether it's in R&B, Pop, Rock, or Country, much like everything else in the world, music was seen as a male-dominated space. It was hard for women to make their presence felt as equals on the musical field. To be able to... CONTINUE READING 2


by Dominique Fernandez Dogs might be a man’s best friend, but everyone knows that a lady’s best friend is her handbag. Well, handbags, because we firmly believe that when it comes to this fashion essential, you can never have too many. We take them with us anywhere, and we make sure they are packed with all ... CONTINUE READING 17

Get Your Beanie Fix
November 17, 2013

by Dominique Fernandez Sweater weather? How about beanie weather? Although anyone can truthfully wear beanies all year around (we certainly do), when the cold weather strikes, that's when you’re most likely to see the different colored knit heads out and about in the streets. For those thinking they can’t pull this look off, we promise that anyone... CONTINUE READING 17