Today's MAKEOVER MANUAL Guilty Pleasure

By Megan Greene So, if you haven't joined the new social wave, you're missing out. Instagram is clearly the new player that's taking over social media, and our favorite celebs don't have an issue partaking in this movement. From sharing real life experiences, family moments, or their goofy side we all can agree we don't have any issue watching. Nowadays, there's no need to depend on TMZ or the paparazzi because today you can stalk your favorite celebrities with a simple click of a button. Now if only there was an app created where we could video chat them but we'll... CONTINUE READING 0



by Megan Greene So, you're in the makeup section at your local drug store and you're browsing at all the lipstick options because you know spring is here and summer is around the corner, and a particular someone needs a new lipstick. Your eyes land on that bright orange lipstick and you think it's a pretty color, but you're debating if you should get it and... CONTINUE READING 19

Interview Outfits

By Bianca Logrono Starting a career and the journey to a dream job goes hand-in-hand with endless interviewing. The whole interview process can be nerve racking – you meet with someone who is basically left to judge you on what you say and … ultimately what you’re wearing. Dressing for your position can be challenging, especially to fresh graduates who’ve lived... CONTINUE READING 28


by Megan Greene Quit asking yourself why you have so many wide features and start saying why not! Broad, Bigger, and Beautiful is what's banging now in the fashion industry. Kim Kardashian, Cameron Diaz, and Rhianna are just a few celebrities who have been frequently seen on the red carpet, sporting a trendy wide shoulder top. If these ladies are purchasing... CONTINUE READING 20


by Megan Greene Stop! Before you clean out your refrigerator and start throwing away everything in your cabinets, you may be able to collect some great hair products. Most of us, when we think of condiments or anything edible, we automatically associate it with adding it on our food. What if we told you some food items or beverages, can be... CONTINUE READING 7


By Bianca Logrono It can be as simple as feeling elated at the sight of your lashes or cringing upon further inspection of your pores. When it comes to our features, we can all be our own number one fan or our own worst enemy. Here are some makeup tricks to making your not-so favorite and absolute gem features live up... CONTINUE READING 14

Hollywood Co-Star Hookups

by Megan Greene Celebrities are constantly hooking up with their co-stars, and while some relationships are doomed to fail,—poor Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth! (above)—others get it right and blossom. At times, we immediately believe the "relationship" is just for publicity, but some couples prove their love is genuine and was meant to be. Take a look at our list of... CONTINUE READING 10


by Megan Greene If you had a dollar for how many times a girlfriend or a creeper have called your assets a blessing, you'd probably be a millionaire, right? Of course, you appreciate the compliments but you see them everyday. Duh, you know you're stacked. Although we're flattered by the frequent compliments, most people don't realize shopping for our beautiful bosom... CONTINUE READING 14


By Courtney Leiva To brush up on your Spring fashion without splurging on some last-minute purchases that you’ll probably regret, we’ve got eight flirty dresses for under $20 (yes, you read that right!) that you can wear all Spring long. From pretty pastel picks to printed pieces galore, style it up with any of our favorite finds. Boohoo Billie High Neck Midi... CONTINUE READING 17

Spring Accessory Essentials

By Bianca Logrono We’ve already shown you spring shoes, gave you a peek into our spring beauty bag, and styled a new spring look. Now what? …Accessorize, duh. Here are some spring accessory ideas to add some pizzazz to the package. Sparkle, shine and glitter on this spring. These accents add a fun spring flare to your outfits. They might even... CONTINUE READING 30


by Megan Greene Spring is here! And we've spotted what colors that will set you aside from looking bland and that will add a touch of color to bring a vitality to your features. Hot pink, and muted rose-purple blends like pastel mauve and lavender are some of the hottest colors this season and will no doubt top of the list of... CONTINUE READING 8