Today's MAKEOVER MANUAL Guilty Pleasure

By Bianca Logrono It can be as simple as feeling elated at the sight of your lashes or cringing upon further inspection of your pores. When it comes to our features, we can all be our own number one fan or our own worst enemy. Here are some makeup tricks to making your not-so favorite and absolute gem features live up to and surpass their potential. Remember: these tips are helpful but NOTHING beats the ultimate beauty tip that is – confidence! :) Noses We live in a world where 16-year-olds get nose jobs rather than hosting sweet sixteens. While self-improvement is never discouraged,... CONTINUE READING 1



by Courtney A. Levia Between frequent heat-styling and the cold winter air, chances are, your scalp definitely needs some proper TLC.  So if you’re look to restore some much-needed moisture and hydration back to your parched tresses, revamping your hair care regimen is surely a recommended place to start. Whether it’s deep conditioning goodies or dandruff busters that you seek, grab... CONTINUE READING 7


by Marcus Scott Even before Kerry Washington’s cold open on Saturday Night Live in November 2013, pundits were writing articles and generating roundtable discussions about the Golden Globe- nominated actress’ race. Soon after the episode aired, comments and media speculation surrounded the diversity of the talent on the iconic series rather than the show itself. Since its premiere on October 11,... CONTINUE READING 9


by Courtney A. Leiva If you’re seeking a more natural and allergen-safe clean, switching your laundry care routine may be crucial in minimizing unwanted skin irritations and breakouts. For products that are both good on the environment and gentle on your skin, here’s seven of our favorite must-have products. 1. LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls Softening your laundry naturally, cut drying time in... CONTINUE READING 3


by Bianca Logrono With the entertainment and fashion industry warping the body image of women everywhere, many of us are left feeling shameful of our bodies. Can you blame us? As humans we’ve got this innate ability to compare ourselves. When we’re constantly bombarded with pictures of seemingly flawless women, whether in magazines, on television, or even your social media, it’s... CONTINUE READING 17


by Bianca Logrono When it comes to make up, products can get pretty pricey. A simple five minute stroll in Sephora can quickly escalate to dishing out $100 on three items! Crazy talk! We’re calling out to the Drug Store queens. Here’s a list of top notch drug store products that won’t break your piggy bank. 1. Cover Girl Outlast Stay Fabulous... CONTINUE READING 4


We’re sure you’re tired of stumbling upon all these articles on how to “live up” your 20s – or why your 20s are perfect for “insert-kitschy but life-affirming verb here.” We know that the only difference between your 20's and your 30's is a little more stability. Just a little. If you’re anything like us, looking back on our 20's can... CONTINUE READING 14


by Bianca Logrono Curly hair is fierce! But we all want what we can’t have. So we know every curly haired girl out there has jumped out the shower and wished those curly locks would just dry straight! Getting your hair from super voluminous curls to silky straight hair can be quite the challenge. Post blow dry we know the... CONTINUE READING 12


By Marcus Scott If you didn’t know, now you know: season 3 of Girls, the groundbreaking HBO Original TV comedy-drama series created by and starring Golden Globe winner Lena Dunham, returns with two all-new episodes on January 12, 2014. The hour-long show produced by Judd Apatow—the man who developed cult TV shows Freaks and Geeks and Undeclared—follows a close group of... CONTINUE READING 8


The highly praised, third installment of the popular FX American Horror Story series has, by far, the best sense of fashion. From Jessica Lange’s fierce and classy ‘tude to Emma Roberts’ sultry (albeit annoying everything else!) confidence, the female-heavy cast of Coven has some wardrobe choices we truly covet. American Horror Story: Coven returns to FX at 10pm on Wednesday, January... CONTINUE READING 13


by Marissa Collado We had the opportunity to speak with Filipino designer, couturier, and contestant on Bravo’s Styled To Rock Andre Soriano. The show, which is executive produced by superstar Rihanna, asks designers to create an outfit for one or more musicians per week. Despite only making it halfway through the competition, Soriano has been featured in Italian Vogue and plenty... CONTINUE READING 12