Today's MAKEOVER MANUAL Guilty Pleasure

By Courtney Leiva To brush up on your Spring fashion without splurging on some last-minute purchases that you’ll probably regret, we’ve got eight flirty dresses for under $20 (yes, you read that right!) that you can wear all Spring long. From pretty pastel picks to printed pieces galore, style it up with any of our favorite finds. Boohoo Billie High Neck Midi Dress Where: $15, If you prefer a more sleek and sophisticated fit, this high neck dress brings on the elegance instantly. Grayson Metallic ½ Sleeve Circle Dress Where: $9.99, Keep it casual yet equally feminine with this bright and girly circle dress. Great... CONTINUE READING 6



By Marcus Scott Hailing from Mexico City, Mexico to Kenyan college professor turned politician Peter Anyang’ Nyong’o and wife Dorothy, Luo actress Lupita Nyong’o is a force of nature in the world of Hollywood. Landing her breakout role immediately after graduating from the Yale School of Drama in 2012—for which she was the recipient of the prestigious Herschel Williams Prize awarded... CONTINUE READING 18


by Bianca Logrono Scenario: You’ve pressed snooze far too many times and have woken up in a frenzy a.k.a serious Oh Sh*z moment. Way behind on time, you’ve got about 20 minutes (or less) to get out the door. For some reason, we usually become snooze monsters on days we have important meetings to attend to or people to see. As... CONTINUE READING 12


by Marcus Scott The Disney Renaissance that began with 1989’s The Little Mermaid and ended with 1999’s Tarzan (and included the 1990 non-musical The Rescuers Down Under) helped The Walt Disney Company culminate a gross of $598,000,000 at the box office, mostly one might add, because of the films' collective song books. When it comes to the biggest awards of the... CONTINUE READING 13


by Marcus Scott Let’s be honest: When it comes to the “Oscars,” there are two things we really care about: Who takes home the gold and who brought it on the red carpet. Chances are, if you didn’t break out the boxed wine while sitting around the TV in the family room with your friends and loved ones, you probably heard... CONTINUE READING 18

Winter Blues

by Bianca Logrono If you’re anywhere in the Tri-State area, or just the East Coast in general, you’ll know the weather's transformation into the arctic tundra has not been fun (Oh. My. God. Stop. Snowing.). With the subzero temps and less exposure to sunlight you might be feeling... less like yourself? You might even find it hard to stay optimistic and... CONTINUE READING 9


by Mallory Feeney Where’s my mascara? And my eyeshadow? Oh, crap, I think I left my lip gloss at home. Sound familiar? From the beginning of the work day to transitioning to dinner and drinks on our commute home, we’ve all felt the urge to want to touch up our makeup. But, carrying a makeup case around all the time is a... CONTINUE READING 9


by Marcus Scott When one thinks of the typical skincare campaign, chances are that the first to come to mind aren’t likely to be those with women of color, as the standard of beauty in fashion has always skewed towards a garden variety type of woman. Think: the blonde bombshell or the buxom brunette. Walking through the cosmetics department of your... CONTINUE READING 5

Find your G Spot
February 24, 2014

by Stephanie Speranza Oh, the G-Spot! Who knew that a cluster of nerve tissues (that when stroked the right way!) is guaranteed to make you squeal with pleasure? But since it's tucked away in a hidden little spot, it's hard for most of us to find it by accident! However, with these tips, you should be feeling your orgasms even better... CONTINUE READING 2


by Marcus Scott When one thinks about the 2014 Sochi Olympics, it’s quite easy to be distracted by the things surrounding and eventually overshadowing the legacy of the Winter Games: homophobic happy-slapping, poignant human rights PSAs, massive hospitalized causalities, and dangerous hotel accommodation conditions. Not to mention talks of the tar-pit thick mobile “Mach 39,” touted as the “fastest speedskating suit... CONTINUE READING 7


by Courtney A. Levia We’re a huge suckers for spring fashion, but when your budget is tighter than fashion week security, what’s a girl to do? For affordable spring wear that will keep you totes fabulous and able to pay this month’s rent, check out our 10 hot spring trends for way less. From pretty pastels to popping accessories, get ready... CONTINUE READING 8