Today's HAUTE HOSTESS Guilty Pleasure

by Roselyn Sebastian One of the best parts of imbibing during the summer is being able to do it alfresco. Chilling by the pool or heading to the beach call for refreshing summer drinks. But nobody wants to spend their time chained to the blender while everyone else is getting their tan on.  So cool off with these easy thirst quenchers. Elderflower Cosmopolitan Ingredients: 1/4 parts Red Stag by Jim Beam® Black Cherry 1/2 part Triple Sec 2 parts Pineapple Juice 1 part Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice 1/2 part Cruzan® Black Strap Rum Preparation: Build over ice in highball glass. Pour ingredients in order listed and stir until well chilled.... CONTINUE READING 6



by Cass Daubenspeck It's a magical world where home furnishings can appear in your apartment via your iPhone, thanks to IKEA's new augmented reality app. Using the app, you can actually scan your chosen item from the latest AR enabled IKEA catalog and see how pieces of furniture look in your home before you buy. Just set the catalog down where you... CONTINUE READING 13


When your friend moves into a new place, it's not exactly the time to be giving her a bunch of new stuff. Without showing up empty-handed, you can still bring something she'll actually use, and won't think of as an extra object she has to find a place for in her new digs. These 5 options are pretty much guaranteed... CONTINUE READING 17


by Cass Daubenspeck Dog days got you down? The answer is cold brew, and we’re not talking beer! We’re talking about that delicious, condensation-dappled plastic cup of supremely caffeinated java, sometimes with mocha, sometimes with soy, sometimes with a light spritzing of vanilla syrup. We’ve had so much of it this summer that we felt inspired to stand up on a... CONTINUE READING 12


by Ariel Leconte If you’re one of those drinkers who combs the liquor aisle for the section with all the zany flavors then this article is most definitely for you! Did you know that you can create your very own flavored alcohol at home? I know, your brain may have just exploded at the thought of a... CONTINUE READING 9


by Ariel Leconte We know you've heard of this before - the at-home spa party. We just can't help but remind you of it, at a time when our wallets are looking THIN and there's still so much girl time left to cram in before summer's over! For the girlfriends who enjoy an afternoon of mani-pedis, there is nothing more wonderful... CONTINUE READING 17


by Cass Daubenspeck Just as we'll watch any movie with J-Law or Helen Mirren, we'll inevitably repin from the boards of a few select pinners every day. If you're looking for inspiration on all levels - spiritual, creative - in the kitchen, in the bedroom (for decorating, of course) - you can put the magazines away and just follow these ladies,... CONTINUE READING 11


by Ariel Leconte Looking for an excuse to have a party night with your friends? It’s summer and when there's an open weekend, it must be your turn to host. Check out these 3 perfect party ideas we’ve lined up for the next hot months. It’s A Circus In Here Every kid loves the circus, but the thrill of the three rings bring out... CONTINUE READING 11


by Ariel Leconte It’s late at night, you’re having an awful sweet tooth and nothing in the fridge or cupboard is going to do it. Let's face it, you know this story oh too well, sometimes you just want a treat and you don't want to bake, or go buy a box of cookies, so what... CONTINUE READING 8


by Ariel Leconte So she's finally tying the knot! The problem is, what do you give your girlfriend for her engagement that's meaningful but not too over the top? Well here are some ideas (to avoid the cheesy options). Make A Time Capsule Document milestones in the couple’s relationship and find mementos for each moment! You could try a newspaper clipping from the... CONTINUE READING 3


One dessert we thought was a goner is now back on grocery shelves, and we've got some unexpected recipes to celebrate. First off, let us explain. The Twinkie, made by Hostess, was once a slightly heavy snack with a spongy texture and a sweet white cream in the center, popularly found in the hands of “the fat kid” in children’s movies.... CONTINUE READING 8