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8 Low CalorieFeature

by Megan Greene Everyone deserves a nice cocktail every now and then, right? Unfortunately, most of  our favorite alcoholic beverages aren't too kind to our waistline. So, that's why we're sharing a few cocktails that'll make your happy hour a little bit healthier. Check out our list of  the best 8 low-calorie cocktail recipes that are all tasty and less than 200 calories. Bourbon Grape Crush Enjoy this fruity cocktail at movie night with the girls. Just add ice, bourbon, agave and lemon juice. What you'll need: 1/2 cup halved seedless red grapes 6 large mint leaves, plus more for garnish 3/4 cup crushed ice 1 oz. bourbon 2 teaspoons raw agave 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice (170 Calories) Sweet'N Low... CONTINUE READING 8



by Dominique Fernandez What are two things that will instantly make you feel better when the temperature starts to decline, and you start feeling the cold? A warmth inducing drink and something sweet, of course! Well, here at Shecky’s, we know the perfect remedy for these craves. A 2-1 remedy, to be exact. Dessert cocktails! It’s a known fact that alcohol... CONTINUE READING 12


While liquor, wine, and champagne are wonderful boozy alternatives to beer, we’ve got to admit that beer is making a comeback. A huge one. There’s a beer for every taste palate and seasonal flavors certainly reel us in, so what’s not to love? And with the holidays around the corner, loved ones are sure to ask about gift-exchanges. So, we’ve... CONTINUE READING 3


Got a chocolate fix? Sometimes we just have to stop buying those candy bars (is it just us, or are they getting more and more expensive?) and start making them ourselves. If you’re worried they won’t be the same, try these incredibly similar recipes to test it out yourself. Who knows, maybe you’ll even like them better than the original! 1.... CONTINUE READING 9


Spending money so close to the holidays can be daunting, especially if we've got lots of gifts to buy. In fact, not even Black Friday and Cyber Monday can help us save some cash. But no worries – we've got you covered. Decorating for winter is still totally doable. Here's some budget-friendly and cost effective deco tips for us girls... CONTINUE READING 7


Are you a sucker? That is, do you fall for all those seasonal flavors that hits markets every single year? Whether you're buying a peppermint latte or splurging on pumpkin-flavored- anything for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, then you know you want to try these fall pie recipes. They're our favorite. And who knows, maybe they'll be staples for your dinner... CONTINUE READING 2

Dia de los Muertos

- by Dominique Fernandez Día de los Muertos! Ever heard of that? Well, some of you might know this as ‘Day of the Dead.’ It is indeed a Mexican holiday, widely celebrated throughout the entire world, that takes place November 1st and 2nd, a.k.a. right after Halloween. Although this holiday’s main focus is to gather with your friends... CONTINUE READING 11

Beyond the Pumpkin - 5 Fun Fall Recipes

When we think of fall we think of pumpkins. In fact, we find pumpkin everything everywhere: Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, every farmer’s market, grocery store and restaurant. Meanwhile, there are a multitude of flavors that also characterize fall: apples, cinnamon, squash, pears, maple and sweet potatoes are but a few. Here are a few recipes to get you out of the... CONTINUE READING 8

Best Haunted Houses and Events

NYC’s Best Haunted Houses and Events Everyone loves fall. Apple cider, pumpkin pie, crunchy colorful leaves under foot and Halloween! If Jason doesn’t scare you and you’re nonplussed by black cats crossing your path, take an alternative route to getting your goose bumps and adrenaline fix by braving a haunted house. 1. 1. Nightmare Killers 2 September 27th - November 2nd,... CONTINUE READING 9


Need a little something to get you rarin’ and ready to go on Halloween? Invite over a few ghouls and warlocks and whip up a batch of these creepy cocktails before you go haunt the neighborhood. Bleeding Heart Martini Just when you thought a martini was just a martini…this one starts out healthy then bleeds red as you drink it…scary! ... CONTINUE READING 11


by Dominique Fernandez Have you been getting into those ‘light a candle by the bedside and cozy up with a book and a glass of wine’ type of moods lately? We sure have and that can only mean one thing. It’s time to round up our favorite candles for cold weather! Triggering your best holiday memories has never been more affordable... CONTINUE READING 14