12 Valentine’s Day Sweets & Treats

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1. Surf Sweets Organic Fruity Hearts

For a guilt-free treat, these fruity Valentine’s favorites are made without the artificial ingredients found in most sweet treats ($4.49, surfsweets.com).

2. Theo Chocolate My Cherry Baby

With this delicious blend of tart cherries and milk chocolate, treat your taste buds to this ultra-yummy organic chocolate ($4, theochocolate.com).

3. B My Valentine B the Change Gift Basket

Packed with seven different products, gift the foodie in your life this luxe gift basket ($51, americasbestorganics.com).

4. Marich Chocolate Organic Line

Seriously, who can resist the power of organic chocolate ($19.75 per pound, call 800-624-7055 ext. 232; www.marich.com/)?


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