Top 10 Super Bowl Half-time Shows of All-Time

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by Marcus Scott

Super Bowl halftime shows can put you to sleep. Being frank, as a whole the Super Bowl isn’t the most consistent when it comes to getting an act that can turn up, execute an amazing performance and be our obsession until the next award show or nationally televised event. Probably because it’s relatively new that the NFL has ditched university marching bands almost as a whole in favor of international popular artists. This has made the beer-and-pretzel run a lot harder, because nowadays it’s a toss up and you never know what you’re going to get: epic face-melter or run-for-the-hills bore!

This year, the relatively fresh-faced Bruno Mars will be headlining with special guest and Rock and Roll Hall of Famers, Red Hot Chili Peppers. Odd? Yes, considering the decade of career artists prior and that some argue the headline should be vice versa. But it’s got our curiosity!  From glitzy to heartbreaking, from controversy to genuine artistry and musicianship, here’s our list of  the Top 10 Super Bowl Half-time Shows of All-Time!


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