Gorgeous Engagement Rings for Less than $500

by Samantha Sutton

So, you’ve found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with? That’s exciting – now he just has to pop that important question. He’ll get down on one knee, look up at your beautiful face, open up that teeny tiny box and – hold on, wait a sec! What is that? That doesn’t look like the ring Adam Levine gave to Behati Prinsloo. Is that even a diamond?

Truth be told, engagement rings can get pretty expensive. If you’re not a Hollywood A-Lister, you could come out of that jewelry store feeling like you’ve just offered up your first born in exchange for a rock and a piece of metal. On one hand, you don’t want to break the bank on something so small – you just decided to start a life together after all. You need to save. On the other hand, this is something you’ll be expected to wear 24/7 “til death do you part.” Do you really want to skimp on that? Rather than answer that question, here’s your solution: a bunch of gorgeous engagement rings, all under $500. Go ahead and casually share this on your Facebook page so your boyfriend gets the hint – we won’t judge!

1. 1/3 carat Diamond Engagement Ring in 10k White Gold

Let’s start with a more classic-looking option. Set in white gold, this ring contains a few different cuts of diamonds and is just under our budget. What’s nice is that it looks like an engagement ring – not something fancy you got for Valentine’s Day. And wow, it’s from Target.

$499.99 at Target

2. Sterling Silver Three-Stone Diamond Ring 1/3ctw

Here’s a neat little trick if you’re searching for a ring on a budget – find something that contains a bunch of little diamonds that are placed close together to give an illusion of one big diamond. This ring does just that and also has somewhat of a vintage feel, which is very pretty.

$395 on Ebay

3. Round-Cut Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring in 14k White Gold

Simple and classic are always in. This ring executes that beautifully and what’s even better is it wasn’t always this cheap – it’s on sale! Hey Kohl’s – you’re great!

$450 at Kohl’s

4. 1/2 CT. T.W. Diamond Cluster Frame Ring in Sterling Silver

This is a statement ring if I’ve ever seen one! No one will ever have to guess if you’re engaged – they’ll be able to see this baby from miles away! While the band is a little bigger, it’s a beautiful, fashion-forward option.

$379 at Zales

5. 0.25 Carat Sterling Silver Round Diamond

This sparkler is bound to make everyone who examines your hand a little jealous. It’s an interesting design and all the reviews are positive – one woman said she gets compliments all the time because it’s so big and beautiful! Done!

$79 at DazzlingRock.com


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  • Jewelry store:

    We do accept as true with all of the suggestions you might have made available for the article. They are quite convincing and will undoubtedly get the job done. Still, this content are far too short for starters. Could you want prolong all of them a bit via the very next time? Information submit.

  • Alina Johnson:

    Love the first ring that I am about to print it out for my fiancé. Exactly what I want but need at least 1.5 ct

  • Crispy:


  • jane14:

    none of them are really my style, but if i had to choose i’d pick the first one =)

  • Christina:

    Maybe I’d get one of these if we renew our vows in the future.

  • Christina:

    I love the vintage look.

  • Christina:

    My engagement ring became my wedding band because I love my ring so much…no big gems and completely not a traditional ring. The saleswoman asked my then boyfriend, What? She don’t want bling? Heeheehee.

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    1. Christina:


  • Halli:

    I love this article – I spent a lot of time looking up options like these earlier this year because we’ve been trying to buy a house and saving every penny, but our parents really wanted us to be engaged first, and I wanted to come up with some to suggest that wouldn’t eat into our downpayment too much. I also looked at this cluster, though I don’t necessarily love the twisted band:

    I had no idea that my boyfriend was looking yet, but I had suggested a sapphire at one point, especially from brilliantearth.com, which is supposed to have extra-carefully sourced stones and recycled gold; but he picked out a sapphire ring from a local jewelry store that his family suggested, and TOTALLY surprised me. I do love the choices here too though!

    1. Christina:

      Aww, nice surprise


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