Bridal Makeup Trends for 2013

Bridal Makeup Trends 2013

When it comes to the details of your wedding, you’ll find yourself focusing on making the aesthetic perfect. But the most important decoration of the day is you! Since you’ve spent so much time and energy searching for the perfect dress, you’ll need the perfect face to go with it. Check out these 3 makeup trends that are just right or any girl’s special day. -Ariel Leconte

Nude Face, Berry Lips

This is one of the simplest yet boldest looks you can put out there on your wedding day. It’s important to svoid an overload of makeup, you don’t want to look like a drag queen ( at least not today). Minimizing the colors are your face and sticking a clean polished looked will ensure that your man still recognizes the woman he’s marrying. Throwing in a bold lip is like having sickening shoes to go with the dress, everything else is so simple that your lips say everything, including I Do!


Tyra always said you have got to smile with your eyes! Well if your eyes are what you like the best then you’ll want to play up your lashes and edges to help you smize to the photographer all night long. Consider false lashes, but not full ones, have a professional install the individuals so they can customize the way it fills in your eyes. Once you have a full set of lashes, very carefully play up the rims of your eyes with a thin cat eye thats blended into just a little bit of smokey shadow. You aren’t going for a smokey look here, you just want dramatic eyes. You can leave your face nude and either go with a nude lip as well or pick a light but bold pop of color. Avoid pure red lipstick, too much smizing and some deep red ips may have you looking more like Morticia on your special day!

Go For The Glitter

Now when is glitter ever really subtle? Just a little goes a long way and some of us just can’t help but to want that sparkle on such a special day. Picking a neutral colored small grain glitter shadow to dust on your lids and very delicately around the eyes is a beautiful way to highlight your face and give you a very whimsical, I-am-Cinderella-today, type of look. Take it easy on the cat eye liner and try to avoid heavily colored glitter because then you run the risk of drifting into a clownish look (see above). Highlight your cheeks just a little and add a neutral or lightly colored lipstick to finish it off and voila, you’re beauty rivals the Disney princess on their storybook days!


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