What to Drink on July 4th

You’ll be living life and pursuing happiness all weekend, so naturally that includes cocktails. We think it’s best to stick to classics, or whatever’s red, white and blue, so here are some recipes for you as you’re hanging out by the pool (or else the King of England wins).

If you’re starting the celebration early, this brunch-friendly spritzer calls for freshly squeezed grapefruit juice, and is a nice way to launch the party.  As the afternoon approaches, switch to beer or a nice refreshing whiskey sour, made from the liquor our forefathers most appreciated.

Herbalicious fresh rosemary makes this traditionally non-alcoholic spritzer into a delicious and light adult beverage. Use gin or vodka like Little Black Dress to add a kick!

Jalapeno-infused tequila lights the fireworks under this delicious margarita recipe and will leave your tongue tingling. Fresh-squeezed blood orange juice tempers the heat a bit and leaves you with a sweet, citrusy flavor. The recipes also includes directions for how to turn it into a pitcher drink.

Probably the last drink you’ll prep for the evening right as the fireworks start is the Patriotic Shot. It’s got tropical fruit flavors and plenty of patriotism – perfect for saluting the red, white and blue! Get together with your friends and family, and enjoy the holiday!


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