5 Underrated Men in the Music Industry

When is Lil Wayne going to stop producing music? His once witty lyrics have turned into lazy, hip-hop jargon over a heavy bass. Yet Weezy is still popular as ever, leaving many talented artists no luck in receiving credit and accolades. From Indie to R&B to Pop, we’ve got your next playlist covered. Here’s our quick list of underrated men in the music industry today. -Meryl Lumba

1. Julio Tavarez

This former singer-songwriter and bassist of As Tall As Lions had moved on with his own band, The Black & The White. Julio transformed from a sultry-indie performer to an experimental one, in which he meshes quick beats and synths, creating eerie and addicting tunes. Julio’s boldness is not only admirable but unforgettable.

2. Miguel

Okay, so he finally won a Grammy earlier this year, but that doesn’t mean he’s still gone under the radar. Compared to hip-hop heavy-hitters such as Drake and Rick Ross, Miguel’s talents go unnoticed. Miguel’s catchy R&B songs prove that he can not only sing but also help keep the genre alive.

3. Gabe Bondoc

This YouTube sensation’s fanbase has quickly grown over the years, though he is still fairly unheard of. His music ranges from beautifully rendered R&B and Pop covers to his own songs. Listeners can expect the accompaniment of his trusty guitar, which makes a cameo at every YouTube session.

4. Bon Iver

Another Grammy award winner, Bon Iver has gained small audiences with their super mellow tunes. Each song is filled with heart, causing listeners to take an adventure with them. Almost eerie and melancholy, Bon Iver never fails to bring soul into their work.

5. John Legend

Where has he been? This Jazzy-soul singer has been performing and writing songs for years. He’s currently working on another highly-anticipated album and collaborating with other artists, experimenting with his easily accessible R&B tunes. We hope that this time around, John Legend’s talents help him gain the accolades he deserves.


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  • joe loli:

    julio is a great artist and will become a mega star
    to know him is to love him , !!!!!

  • Fina:

    Julio is awsome and should be become a mega star!!!!

  • LolaLux28:

    Ryan Leslie is underrated as well!

  • avatar

    I agree Lil Wayne is overrated.

  • avatar

    You are dead on with the Lil Wayne comment. What happened to him? I guess a paycheck is a paycheck. I can’t stand these new lazy mouthed rappers.

  • Crispy:


  • fssw9391:

    love john legend and feeling bon iver! totally agree with the commentary on lil wayne too ugh!


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