The Ultimate Guide to Packing For a Weekend Getaway

Where are you headed to on your next weekend getaway? Are you escaping to the Bahamas with your girlfriends for some much needed rest and relaxation with a side of sun? Or are you hitting the slopes upstate with your boyfriend, whizzing right past him on the slopes? No matter where you end up taking your next trip, everyone dreads packing for it.

The endless list of what to bring can drive any girl mad, especially when you have to narrow down your items to the bare essentials. Follow our guide and you’ll be cramming a little less into that bulky suitcase of yours. (And you won’t need to sit on your bag to zipper it up!) -Valerie Lombardi

The Perfect Bag

If you want to travel in style, your best bet is to snag a Michael Kors Astor Canvas Suitcase ($314.00 at Aside from its stylish look, this is the perfect weekender bag to fit exactly what you need without filling it to capacity. Searching for a bag that’s a bit more affordable to use for the weekend? Opt for a trendy Victoria’s Secret Duffle Bag ($44.50 at that’s ideal for a long weekend escape.


If you are leaving on a Friday afternoon and returning on a Sunday night, you should be packing two evening as well as two daytime looks, factoring in the weather. It’s best to pack two pairs of jeans as well as two tops that can be interchangeable. Also, pack a lightweight scarf just in case it gets chilly during the evening hours.

For nighttime, switch up your wardrobe by taking along a flirty dress as well as a skirt and top combo. Make sure to narrow down your choices a few days in advance to avoid bringing half of your closet with you. We know it can be hard to choose only a few pieces to bring along, but if you have time to carefully choose what you intend to wear, you’ll be lugging around less and carrying only what you need, leaving more space for other things that may take up more room in your bag.


Packing shoes may be the most daunting challenge you face while prepping for your getaway. Try not to be one of “those girls” who brings half of her shoe closet with her just because she can’t make up her mind whether the red or black heels look better with her evening look (Trust us, we’ve been there and unless you want to have heels poking from the top of your suitcase, you’ll stick with the magic number of three!)

Aside from the shoes you have on when you leave, you should pack two other pairs for the trip. The three pairs we recommend are a comfortable set of sneakers, a sexy pair of black heels (because they match everything) and, based on the climate you will be in, a pair of boots or flip flops.

Packing each type of shoe will ensure that you are prepared for any type of setting which will ease your mind and give you the confidence that you have the right type of footwear regardless of the social setting. Don’t forget to pack socks with you as well!


An easy way to figure out how many undergarments you should take with you is by multiplying the days you will be away by two. So if you will be away for a total of three days, you should be bringing six sets of underwear, three for the night and three for the day (especially if it’s around that time of the month and a certain unexpected friend decides to drop by during your getaway).

Aside from the bra that you already have on, you should take along another (strapless is a good idea) just so you have another option to go with if your outfit requires a different type of undergarment. Plus, don’t forget a sports bra in case your beau wants to go on an impromptu hike.


An easy way to save some room in your bag is by wearing some of the accessories you plan to bring with you on your getaway. Stash your favorite pair of sunglasses as well as a pair of earrings that can be worn both day and night.

A stylish bracelet as well as a chic necklace or two can dress up any outfit. Try to bring only one purse with you that is compatible with your intended look. And of course, pack a few statement rings to add the finishing touches to your outfit.

Toiletries and Makeup

Stick to a handful of toiletries and makeup that you know you’re going to use during your trip. Have a ton of tiny sample perfumes from the fragrance counter that you have scattered around your bathroom? Now is a perfect time to take them along with you, eliminating the space a bulky bottle of perfume may take up.

Grab an everyday foundation as well as a blush, mascara and one (yes one) eye shadow. Don’t forget to include your favorite go-to lipstick as well as a black eyeliner to stash away as you fill up your bag. Add a foundation, blush and shadow brush to your luggage to ensure the proper application of your makeup. Also, pack a toothbrush, toothpaste, a razor with shaving cream and deodorant. These are the most commonly forgotten toiletries that are sold for high prices in hotel lobbies.

You should place these items in a ziplock bag to distinguish between other items you are packing. Skip the hair dryer, soap and shampoo and bring a brush. Most (if not all) hotels have these amenities in each room. This will also spare you some extra space in your tote.

Odds and Ends

We know getting ready for a trip, be it a week or a weekend, can put a great deal of pressure on yourself to make sure you did not forget anything. Double check your suitcase to make sure you brought along your phone charger, wallet with the proper ID(s) and accessories, as well as band-aids and aspirin just in case you aren’t feeling well.

And one last thing that is a must-have in any girl’s suitcase; a camera (and it’s charger!). You’ll want to capture the memories from your weekend excursion that will last a lifetime. And that’s something we all have a little room in our luggage for.


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