10 Ways To Be A Better Striptease

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Skip the missionary, and spice up your weekend with a little DIY-burlesque. Nervous? Don’t be. With just a little bit of prep and practice, you can dance like those trendy burlesque performers right at home for your man. -Natalie Brown

1.  Practice in front of a mirror

This is the best way to figure out what makes you look hottest, and to practice a routine. You don’t want to make it up on the spot! Check out this video for a few moves. You don’t have to dance, but it can be fun to play around with what makes you feel sexiest.

As you’ll see in a sec, we recommend you wear a scarf. You can pretend it’s him you’re touching as you dance and play with it, and that will be a tease to turn him on. Then, when it’s time for you to take the scarf off, you can use it to tie his hands behind his back — so he’s completely forbidden from touching you while you strip.


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