11 Tasty Treats You Won’t Believe Are Vegan

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Maybe the vegan trend all started when Natalie Portman appeared on Top Chef demanding a vegan meal. Or maybe it was aided by all our super-skinny friends announcing their gluten-free, organic lifestyles. Or perhaps the Portlandia chicken skit had something to do with it. No matter who started it, going vegan is a trend that isn’t going anywhere soon. So hop on the healthy bandwagon and enjoy these surprisingly vegan treats, from delicious chocolate bars to scrumptious macaroons!

-Courtney Leiva

Rescue Chocolate Forever Mocha ($6 at rescuechocolate.com)

To satisfy your sweet tooth, look to this organic and fairly traded chocolate to do the trick.  Handcrafted, kosher and certified vegan, these chocolates go above and beyond retailers by supporting animal rescue organizations nationwide.


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