Oscar Party Cocktails: 6 Nominees For Best Drink

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It’s the 85th annual Academy Awards! This means: a slew of celebs in bedazzled gowns, a spunky, spray-tanned Ryan Seacrest and naturally…drinking games! Whether you’re a champagne sipper, a cocktail shaker, or a do-gooder still keeping that New Year’s resolution, we’ve got a cocktail to float any drinking boat. -Anne Roderique-Jones

The Silver Linings Martini

This Oscar cocktail is inspired by Silver Linings Playbook’s nomination for Best Picture and is sweetened up with a hint of Chamomile tea syrup. Remember what J.Law’s character was sipping on her “date” at the diner? Martinis are way more fun.

2 parts Beefeater 24
1 part Chamomile tea syrup
1 bar spoon Aperol


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