How To Throw the Best Super Bowl Party Ever

It’s the Baltimore Ravens vs. San Francisco 49ers — right? Even if you don’t know anything about football, throwing a party for one of the biggest TV events of the year can make the game sooo much more enjoyable. We’ve put together this little guide so you can make this the most memorable Super Bowl yet (without missing those awesome commercials). -Natalie Brown

Step 1: Invitations

You gotta get everyone there somehow! While you can always mail or hand out cute paper invitations (like these, $30 for 10,, in today’s world email invites work just as well. Supporting a specific team? You might want to mention it, so fans of the opposing team know ahead of time!

Step 2: Decorations

For some ladies, decorating is go big or go home, but you don’t have to cave into that pressure. (Unless you’re really into it!) Keeping it simple will let you actually enjoy the party, instead of pulling all-nighters to decorate the table just so. Decide what color scheme you’d like to go with — either the color scheme of your team, or, if you’re bipartisan, brown-green-white for the colors of the football and the field. Usually, all you need is a centerpiece and a tablecloth, and maybe something to hang on the wall behind or around the TV. There’s also a great themed party pack that you can find in party stores (or for $39.50 at that features this year’s logo. Even better, using paper plates means hassle-free clean up.

That being said, we’re kind of loving these DIY football pennants from Chica and Jo, and we think they’re worth making because you can definitely reuse them. They’d look cute hanging behind your food table, or in the living room.

One final thought: Make sure you have enough seating in the living room to accommodate all of your guests. Pull in chairs from the kitchen table (it’ll probably be occupied with food anyway), footstools, floor pillows, benches, lawn chairs and whatever else you have lying around.

Extra Credit: Photo Booth

Although this cute project definitely is not a necessity, it can give guests who are less interested in the game something to do for a while, and guests who are into the game something to do before they sit down to cheer. It makes for an adorable Facebook album, and you can give guests printouts as a favor when they leave. Until game day, these printables from Hostess with the Mostess are free (scroll down to “Vendor Credits”, then click on “Party Printables: available here”), so you don’t have any excuse not to use them! Just hot glue them to dowels to use as props.

Step 3: Sweets & Savories

Alright, so our dessert tables won’t look as fancy as those. But that doesn’t mean we won’t have a fabulous menu that will keep us munching for all three hours (it’s kind of like Thanksgiving dinner, but better. You don’t have to eat turkey). We’re planning to do almost all of our cooking in advance, and serve up new dishes every quarter. Here’s what’s on our menu:

Here are recipes for all of the items on our menu!
First Quarter: Mango Salsa, Fried Pickles with Ranch Dip
Second Quarter: Homemade Potato Chips, Broiled Chicken Wings with Spicy Apricot Sauce
Third Quarter: Crispy Baked Zucchini Fries, Stuffed Cucumber Cups
Fourth Quarter: Chocolate Covered Football Strawberries, Cheesecake Bars

Step 4: Drinks

First off, you gotta have beer. Hopefully, you know the people you’re inviting well enough to know who would drink your punch and who would drink the beer. You could make the event BYOB, so everyone has something that they want, but we like trying new recipes. Check out our awesome post on beer cocktails, if you’re looking to class up your typical drinks. We also found this fantastic recipe from Jelly Shot Test Kitchen for colored jello shots that you could make in the colors of your team — and they’re tastier than those bright red ones you made in college.

Step 5: What to Wear

You have the table set, the jello shots chilling, your photo booth all set up…now for the most difficult decision: what to wear??? We pulled together some dream outfits on Polyvore to inspire you, and also found this fabulous step-by-step guide on how to give yourself a football-themed manicure. You can find the San Francisco set here, and the Ravens set here.


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