9 Hot Drinks to Heat Up Your Nights

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We’re always looking for our new favorite cocktail, and this chilly weather has put us in the mood for booze served in a mug. Instead of going out this weekend, why not have a few friends over for a game night and serve one of these unexpected beverages? You could even put on a little show: you get to scorch one of these cocktails with a rum flamethrower.
-Natalie Brown

The Blizzard Cocktail

Next time a snowy storm rages through your neighborhood, pull out your Grand Marnier and Frangelico for this coffee-based sweet concoction from Martha Stewart. It’s super simple: mix rum or whiskey, hazelnut liqueur, Irish Cream liqueur, and coffee in your favorite mug and top with a scoop of Grand Marnier whipped cream. We made some extra whipped cream to eat off the spoon and keep in the fridge for “later.”


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