Kiss Me For Christmas: 10 Mistletoe-Ready Lipsticks He’ll Love

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Christmas time usually means lots of unwanted calories and get-togethers galore, but if you are anything like us beauty-obsessed romantics, it’s also kissing season as well. For all those smooches and make-out sessions underneath the mistletoe, here are ten lipsticks he’ll absolutely positively love!

Yagolicious Jazzy City Palette

A seductive dark pout is still in fashion this fall-winter season, so gussy up with purple and plum tones found in this glam Yagolicious Jazzy City Palette ($34.95 on With a matte finish, this palette of five shades is essential for a long-lasting pout in between those mistletoe smooches. And with delicious grape-seed oil, he just won’t stop kissing you!

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-Courtney Leiva of The Doll House

Courtney Leiva first dived into the beauty world at the age of 6 when she give her dog lipstick makeovers and bleached more Barbie’s hair than she can count. Now with a bachelor’s degree in Communications, Courtney eats, sleeps and breathes beauty journalism whenever possible.

Courtney has contributed to online magazines such as Feather Magazine and The Beauty Bean. She also serves as the active beauty editor at Love Twenty Magazine. More recently, Courtney has journeyed into the world of beauty blogging with The Doll House. Love Twitter? Courtney does too! Follow her on Twitter @CourtneyLeiva.


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