Season’s Greetings: Spread Cheer with DIY Christmas Cards

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There are plenty of things we love about the holidays—the presents, the twinkling lights, Bing Crosby, being able to wear festive footsie pajamas all day without nary a judgmental glance—but one of our favorite things is giving and getting Christmas cards in the weeks leading up to the big shebang. But rather than buying up the generic bores from the CVS card aisle, why not fill your holiday cards with love and good cheer by making them yourself? Whether the sentiment is wrapped up in ribbon, glitzed out in glitter or pretty with pop-ups, these DIY Christmas cards are a treat for the giver and receiver!

- Christina Izzo

Gingerbread House Greeting Cards

You don’t get much cuter than these Gingerbread House Cards from One Charming Party. Simply print out the given template onto cardstock, then trick your holiday card out with candies like you would a real gingerbread house—mini candy canes at the doorway, red M&Ms at the windows and door handle, blue snowflake sprinkles for blooms in the flower box and mini white marshmallows at the bottom for snow. Write your season’s greetings on the back with festive flourish, slip the card into a clear envelope (that way they can see all of the adorable-ness immediately upon opening their mailbox, of course) and send away!

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