Host Your Most Stress-Free Thanksgiving Dinner Ever

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Thanksgiving is a time to enjoy good food with family and friends, but for many, it’s a day of sheer and utter panic. There’s that gigantic bird to baste, the dozens of guests to please, the whole house to clean, and through it all, you have to be the very image of party-planning poise. Sounds totally impossible, eh? Nay! We’ve enlisted holiday hostessing help from an expert—Tracey Doull, founder of Kitchen Moxie! Doull is a party-making maven that’s mastered the art of not only hosting great soirees but actually enjoying them. With her stress-free tips for prepping, cooking and cleaning, you’ll be the most cool, calm and collected hostess ever this Thanksgiving.

- Christina Izzo

Why do you think Thanksgiving is the hardest holiday to plan for?

I think that people get overwhelmed by the amount of food and the size of the bird that they’re cooking. Growing up with British parents and having been born in Scotland, we had Sunday roast every week, so cooking big chickens and roast pork was the norm. Getting your timing right, that’s what gets everybody all riled up on Thanksgiving. You need to get everything done at the same time, the turkey, the sides, all of it, but you can cut the panic by doing a little bit each day before Thanksgiving, that way you won’t be overwhelmed the day of!

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    i thought these were excellent party-planning tips from Tracy Doull. i haven’t hosted a thanksgiving dinner or any type of activity in some years, but have plans on doing so in the near future. i’ve been preparing with dishes/glasses purchases and these tips can not only be used for thanksgiving, but for any other holiday or just for regular hosting/entertaining. thanx so much.

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    Good tips

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    Great tips


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