11 Elegant Decor Ideas for a Fall Wedding

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‘Tis the season to fall in love! Autumn has finally arrived, bringing with it cooler weather, an array of colors and—yup!—weddings. If you’re looking for some fall wedding inspiration, look no further. This season lends itself especially well to classic, elegant decorations in beautiful color schemes such as brown and cream, oranges and reds, and hints of glam gold. We’ve rounded up gorgeous wedding décor ideas that incorporate all of your favorite elements of fall without making your wedding look like an apple orchard or a pumpkin patch. With these tips, a fabulous fall wedding surely awaits. Plan away!

- Rachael Mt. Pleasant

Crazy for Leaves

Leaves are everywhere come fall, so why not use them as decorations? No, we don’t mean the crunchy old leaves littering your lawn. Leave shapes create beautiful abstract patterns that are subtle enough to evoke the feeling of fall while keeping composed design elements. Use the pattern as a stamp for invitations or name cards, or have fun with foliage by projecting a leaf pattern onto the ceiling of your wedding hall or reception tent to tie everything together.

Image Credit: colincowieweddings.com


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