DIY Sweet Summer Dinner Party Decor

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What’s better than going to a dinner party? Hosting one! While the summer sun is still heating up, now is the perfect time to call all your family and friends and throw together a fabulous feast. Although you may have to pay a pretty penny for some delish food and drinks, there is no reason for you to have to break the bank in order to have the best kitchenware decor on display for your party! From gold-dipped wine glasses to confetti-stained serving bowls, we found five fab ways to DIY your dinner party decor at extremely inexpensive costs!

-Casey Schmieder

Gold-Dipped Wine Glasses

Aside from the place settings, drinking glasses are the focal point of your table! Whether you are a wine lover or prefer water, these DIY Gold Dipped Glasses by Momtastic are the perfect glass to have at your party.

What You’ll Need: Wine glasses like these Libbey 12.5-oz. Wine Party Glasses ($27.30/12 on, blue painters tape, gold glass spray paint like Krylon Short Cuts Aerosol Spray Paint in Gold Leaf ($5.85 on and clear paint sealer like Krylon Clear Coat Sealer Make It Last Spray Paint ($3.98 on

What You’ll Do:
1. Set out all of the wine glasses and choose a place on the stem of the glass in which you want the gold to reach, taping off where you want the gold dip to start. Make sure all of your wine glasses are even by lining them up next to each other!
2. Using your gold spray paint, spray thin and even coats onto the bottom section of the stem of the glass that you taped off. You may need to do two or three coats to achieve the perfect gold hue.
3. Remove the painters tape, let the glasses sit for about and hour or two, and then start pouring out the vino!

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    I was actually looking for ways to decorate wine glasses for a girl’s weekend coming up!! Thanks for the super simple cute idea!!

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    The serving is pretty.

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    the gold dip glasses look nive

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