Why You Should Date the Nice Guy

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It doesn’t matter what you blame it on– the love of the chase, those rom-coms where the “jerky, popular guy” turns out to actually be “sweet, romantic guy”–the fact of the matter is that lots of girls love bad boys. They’ve got the looks, the charm and the inside scoop on all the craziest/coolest places to be. They also have a habit of breaking your heart even quicker than they stole it! While movies and TV shows like to tell us that all it takes is the right woman (you?!) to get Jersey-Shore-type players to change their spots, those who’ve dated bad boys know that’s simply not true. After dating multiple bad boys guys, I decided to make a change in my love life, particularly with my choice of guys. I started dating the “nice guy.” You know, that guy who actually cares about you, is already sweet and romantic, and has probably liked you long before you even noticed him. Here’s why I think you should give the nice guy a chance (and why I feel I’m in the best relationship to date)!

He’s A Good Listener

Have you ever been out with someone who seems to forget everything you say and asks you the same questions over and over again? If so, you’ll understand why this is first on the list! By going out with the nice guy–a guy who genuinely likes you–you can kiss repeating yourself goodbye! He’ll remember the name of the girl you sit next to at work and that you wanted to be a dolphin trainer when you were 10. I mentioned to my boyfriend once that I wanted to roast marshmallows this summer, but the next time I came over, he had all the ingredients for S’mores ready to go. It’s something small, but the small things really do mean so much!

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-Samantha Sutton of All That and A Side of Awkward

Samantha Sutton is a 23 year old aspiring lifestyle writer who lives in NYC. She enjoys giving advice, the show Girls and being in love. Please visit her blog All That and A Side Of Awkward for more of her writing!


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