Beauty Steal: Adele’s Best Hair & Makeup

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1. Recreate Adele’s glam look from the Grammys by starting with clean dry hair. This look can be achieved with large hot rollers, taking sections the same length and width of the roller.
2. Spray each section as you go with Pureology Strengthening Control. Place the rollers in horizontally down the head. On top, place the rollers back from the hairline into a “mohawk” section.
3. Leave the rollers in until they’ve cooled. Once removed, brush out your hair with a paddle brush in all directions. This will stretch out the hair but maintain volume.
4. When brushing out, flick out the ends of your hair. Brush the hair into place with a side part and spray to hold.

1. Begin this vintage look with High Definition Healthy FX Foundation. Set the foundation with Halo Hydrating Perfecting Powder, dusting onto the forehead, cheekbones, nose and chin to highlight the face. Use Blush Rush in Passion on the cheeks, brushing back to the ear.
2. The eyes are more natural in color but accented with a ‘cat eye’. Apply the lightest eyeshadow shade, Champagne, under the brow and to the inside corner of the eye. Use a taupe like Sable right across the lid blending into the crease of the eye. Create the ‘cat eye’ eyeliner with Limitless Waterproof Liquid Liner Pen ($22 on Start just wider than the outer corner and work inward, building a thicker line then tapering toward the inside. Using the Limitless Eyeliner Pencil ($19 on in black, make a soft line under the eye and finish with the black Hyperlash Mascara on the top and bottom.
3. Get this vibrant red lip with Be Legendary Lipstick in Legendary. First dab a little foundation on the edge of the lips, carefully apply the red lipstick, blot with a tissue and re-apply a second coat.

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  • annethecatdetective:

    I love Adele– her voice is pure gold, and she is absolutely gorgeous. (agree with Crispy about the airbrushing, I really like being able to see plus-sized gals looking great…)

  • ajene2012:

    she is everything!

  • OohLaLovie:


  • chele1:

    Adele is a very beautiful young lady..

  • Crispy:

    She’s a gorgeous lady, but I don’t like how Vogue airbrushed so much of her on the cover, making her look much thinner than reality. But, what else is new right?


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