Spice Up Your Standard Salsa

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One of the quickest, easiest festive fixings you can serve at your Cinco de Mayo party is a cool, refreshing salsa, but I bet you’ve never tried salsa this way! From ripe, juicy summer fruit salsas to spicy takes on the go-to pico de gallo, these recipes redefine salsa’s traditional place next to the tortillas—they’re so good, you’ll just want to eat ‘em with a spoon instead! This Saturday, while you’re busting out your margs y maracas, spice up your festive fiesta with one of these delicioso salsas!

- Danielle St. Pierre

The Perfect Pico de Gallo

Get la fiesta started with a Cinco de Mayo go-to, pico de gallo. In Mexican cuisine, pico de gallo is often used as a broad umbrella term to describe a variety of different regional salsas made with fresh cubed fruit or vegetables. The most common and traditional version of this staple calls for a simple combo of red tomatoes, onions and spicy green chiles. This side is at once versatile and packed with personality, marrying fresh ingredients in a balanced, perfectly spicy combination of flavors. This pico de gallo from bfeedme.com will easily become your go-to staple for any fiesta you host this summer!

Image Credit: bfeedme.com


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