10 Ways to De-Stress for National Stress Awareness Day

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Life is full of hardships, obstacles and pressures—and I’m just talking about personal lives! Throw in work on top of that and you have a whole mess of problems! Stress affects your appearance, your mind and your health—ever wonder why you break out, forget things or why your immune system just isn’t what it used to be? Research shows those stressed out are more at risk of heart disease and even cancer, so take a chill pill and relax. In honor of National Stress Awareness Day, I’ve come up with some solutions to keep your stress level down at work and at home so you can live a longer, happier life. After all, you only live once!

-Jinee Son


Plan Ahead:

If you have to be in the office by 9 a.m., don’t get there at 8:59. The snooze button is NOT your friend. After all, you know what they say—“you snooze, you lose!” Wake up a bit earlier than usual, eat a healthy breakfast and have a relaxing commute to work. If there’s less urgency to get to work on time, your stress-free morning will set the right tone for the rest of the day!

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  • Sundeep Kaur:

    Great article! =)

  • Christina:

    I did not know this day existed.

  • hmmmocha:

    Just take time to take in the beautiful days and sunshine. Sit in the park, maybe reading, sunbathing, smooching w/your sweetie, or people watching, just take it easy and think of nothing. Don’t sweat the small stuff. It keeps the gray hairs away, LOL.

  • avatar

    Good article.

  • Joy:

    yep, good 8 hrs of sleep – really important – time for bed now for me. Nighty night.

  • penelope:

    nice tips

  • avatar

    #7 works for and 10 goes after #7.

  • Crispy:

    ahhh sleeep

  • OohLaLovie:

    I could use more of this everyday!


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