Sister Act: Most Stylish Celeb Sisters

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Kate & Pippa Middleton

Kate may be the royal one in the family, but both Middleton sisters have got that regal style down! Be pretty as a princess in Studio 1’s Asymmetrical Neck Printed Sheath Dress ($35, from Top it off with a showy hat and you’ll look like Prince William’s main squeeze in no time! Pippa’s olive trench coat is perfect for breezy spring weather, and Envy’s Double-Breasted Ruffle Trench Coat ($87, from is a great match to Pippa’s style.

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Girl Talk Time: Who are your favorite stylish celeb sisters? Do you think style runs in the family?


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  • princess159:

    Love the K sisters , clothing and styles in all sizes

  • avatar

    I like the Knowles’ style.

  • annethecatdetective:

    I don’t know about style, but talent definitely seems to run in families– Emily and Zooey’s mother was an actress as well. (and I love that red carpet pic of the two of them)

  • vexvalerie812:

    I love the look Solange has…so natural!

  • Crispy:

    kate and pippa

  • lycorish:

    Idk about everyday fashionability but the shot of Dakota and Elle is nice. The Kardashians are my fave of the shots posted though.

  • penelope:

    I like how the kardashian dress. To me is very pretty and fashionable

  • Jenn S.:

    Do people actually think the Kardashians are stylish, or are they just style icons because they have a clothing line/store?? I think half of what they wear is unflattering and ridiculous!!

    Kate Middleton is my new style crush.

    1. Crispy:

      I concur! I never thought they had style. Just because one has a fashion line, doesn’t mean he/she is stylish!

  • Barbette:

    Ummm – seriously….what about Tia and Tamara Mowry from “Sister Sister”!

  • Christina:

    Wait, there’s a third sister?

    1. lycorish:


  • OohLaLovie:

    aww that makes me miss my sisters (and brothers).


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