Fashion-Fueled Fitness: Exercises for Every Style

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Bicep Curls

Bicep curls are just what you need to look great in spring’s slinky, skin-showing tanks. Use dumbbells to do reps, bringing your elbows forward in front of your body to get you toned triceps and lean limbs. Nothing says “look at my new arms” like H&M’s fringe suede Vest ($34.95)—it’s the perfect blend of boho chic and trendy fringe for the spring!

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Girl Talk Time: What do you think of these style-fueled exercises? What’s your favorite exercise? Which spring styles can’t you wait to wear with your new bod?


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  • beauty india:

    this is the best workout to maintain fitness and beauty…..

  • avatar
    Kie'Arra Pretlow:

    I need to get ready for the summer lol Oppps its already here.

  • Krissy:

    Def a goal for this summer, gonna be the hot mommy when my son starts school in the fall…

  • annie54:

    great way to work out.!!

  • Christina:

    I have a Reebok stay ball and I love it.

  • smarie:

    I agree, its time to start stepping up the excercise & toning. These are all great excercises to start with!!

  • hmmmocha:

    I’m afraid the ball will just pop !! I hear it’s good though.

  • executivedivak:

    the Ball really works

  • avatar

    Need to do some crunches.

  • annethecatdetective:

    I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt me any to add some new exercises to my repertoire… I usually just go out walking or treadmill at home.

  • Crispy:

    nice workouts

  • OohLaLovie:

    Ohh great exercises!


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