Where Are They Now: ’90s Crushes

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Oh come on, we all did it—ripping apart every Tiger Beat and Teen People for that perfect picture of Leonardo DiCaprio to put on the ceiling above our bed (what…just us?). Lovely Leo’s back on the big screen the way we first fell in love with him, as romantic rascal Jack Dawson in Titanic 3D. We all know what happened to post-Titanic Leo (fame, fortune, Oscar noms, Blake Lively), but the return of crush-worthy Jack got me thinking—what happened to all those other hotties that made our hearts skip a teen beat in the ‘90s? Luckily for you, I’ve tracked all your favorite ‘90s heartthrobs down, so see how the man of your teenage dreams has fared over the years!

-Christina Izzo

Justin Timberlake

Then: Setting teen hearts aflutter with that signature falsetto as 1/5 of ‘N Sync

Now: Who would have thought this ramen noodle-haired boy-bander would become the entertainer extraordinaire he is today? Singing, dancing, acting, hosting SNL, bringing sexy back, looking good in vests—is there anything Mr. Timberlake can’t do?

Image credit: buzzfeed.com, amerikanki.com


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  • penelope:

    the last one omg so hot

  • carmenwjones:

    Stamos, White, Smith and Gosling! Whoooooaaaa Baby:-)

  • avatar

    Don’t like that pic of Joey.

  • Crispy:


  • OohLaLovie:

    That’s a very unflattering picture of Joey Lawrence, he looks strung out.

  • Jenn S.:

    I remember Ryan Gosling from Breaker High! But my biggest ’90s crush was probably Jonathan Brandis (SeaQuestDSV), who sadly passed away a few years ago…

    I think most of these guys got better with age!!

  • vdrake18:

    omg amazing photos!

  • avatar
    Roxie D:

    JT and John Stamos still rock my boat! *sigh*

  • avatar

    All of the guys are still hot!!! Can’t pick just one fav.


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