DIY Easter Entertaining Tips

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Easter’s hoppin’ up, just around the corner, and if you’ve been procrastinating getting your party plans together, have no fear—I’ve got all of your do-it-yourself Easter decorating, drinks and delicious snacks set. Sure, Easter may lack the prettily wrapped presents of Christmas or the costumed fun of Halloween, but these great Easter party ideas will definitely make for one hop-ping holiday!

“Grass” Table Runner

When in doubt, use astro-turf! Save the tablecloth for another holiday and head over to your closest Home Depot and ask for a 15-ft. artificial turf. This unique table runner will set ya back a mere $16 and is the perfect festive foundation for your Easter table!

What you’ll need: 15-ft. artificial turf and box cutter. We suggest a box cutter to avoid the turf fraying.

What you’ll do: 15-ft. may be too long for a rectangular table. If you choose to center the “grass,” simply cut the turf to fit your table.

-Karina L. Lopez of KC You There

Karina L. Lopez, the “K” in KC You There, LLC, was raised in Long Island, New York. She has had the privilege to work and assist with a number of organizations & individuals in the world of fashion, beauty, professional sports, celebrity & more. Karina has extensive experience with high-profile weddings, private events, charitable fundraisers and countless social events. Her experience has led her to understand all aspects of event coordinating from the very first meet and greet to the event recap with clients. Co-founding KC You There, LLC she is the Director of Events and Public Relations. To contact Karina, email


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