Don’t Be a Fool in Love

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We’re all for a good April Fool’s prank, but when it comes to your love life, too many foolish mistakes can really cost you. So this time of year, we’re offering up our dos and don’t’s to avoid making foolish faux pas in the game of love!


Date in the present:
Love takes time to incubate, to blossom and to grow. It doesn’t happen overnight and if you try to rush it, you will inevitably send who could have been Mr. Right running far, far away into less pressure-filled arms.

Keep expectations realistic:
Instead of going out shopping for a husband, shop for a good time. Keep things simple and in the present. Live in the moment to keep your sanity and potential future with your guy intact.

Increase your odds of meeting someone special:
Look to expand your dating playgrounds beyond double-fisting in a bar or searching online. The whole world can be seen as an opportunity to meet someone datable if you have your eyes and heart open. There’s no wrong place to meet Mr. Right.

Pay attention to what’s right in front of you:
What you see is most always what you get and while potential can be wrapped up in a pretty package, it’s slippery for your heart to make decisions in the present when bogged down with what you hope might happen in the future.

Go for the gold medal in love:
Don’t accept “good enough” – not the silver, not the bronze. Believe that you are worthy of the best possible love in your love and never quit until you arrive at it, even if that means holding out for a little longer than you expected. Waking up next to a gold medal guy every day will make it worth the wait and effort.

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-Tristan Coopersmith & Janis Gaudelli, Founders of The BreakUP Club

The BreakUP Club is a female-owned and operated organization dedicated to female empowerment and helping women feel, heal and seal the hurt of heartbreak. The organization is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA and offers local workshops, national online workshops, private one-on-one sessions and teleseminars. For more information, visit


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  • lanita:

    Living in the present is so right. I’ve been always rushing and seeing “the happy future” right from the start and I wanted it too bad it was spoiling whatevr might have happened. And only when I was completely ready for the great relationship, I was confident and most important happy single with lots of casual dating, I met the one. It was great from the very beginning but still I wouldn’t rush cause I didn’t need him to make me happy, I already was, and I had a lot of things going on in my life. I let it grow with time and now I am with a great guy I always wanted, in a relationship I truely enjoy :)

  • missrebeccachan:

    I made all of those mistakes before but I’ve learned from it and trying hard not to repeat them again!

  • kLo:

    I think these are true, although you also have to consider all the mind games people play on a daily basis.

  • nich:

    Wow I needed to hear this since I broke up with my boyfriend

  • avatar

    I think that if more of us as women take it heart that Mr. Wrong is not for us then we can see when Mr. Right come but we tend to settle on Mr. Right-Now. We have lost our ambition to take our time and learn the person that we are dating. We tend to rush our emotions and not eveluate them.

  • vdrake18:

    great advice

  • princess159:

    Great advice

  • avatar

    This is great advice. Each message reminded me of either myself or someone I know.

  • OohLaLovie:


  • Lisa M:

    good tips

  • OohLaLovie:

    great advice

  • Crispy:

    forgot it’s today


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