Spotted at: Girls Night Out Boston

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The most popular attraction of the night was the Maybelline Color Studio and had I been smart enough to make an appointment ahead of time, I would have had as much fun as I saw lots of ladies having! It reminded me of those competition shows where you see makeup artists using attainable brand makeup to create amazing every day looks. There were definitely some smoldering eyes and flawless skin walking away from this studio!


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  • Gwen:

    This was my first experience but my daughter had been twice before and loved it. I was disappointed because the goodie bag had hardly nothing in it compared to what my daughter has brought home in the past. I had about 5 items in my bag and it wasn’t worth the extra $20.00 I had to pay to get it. There was only one drink to try so I was unhappy about that as well. The shopping was good. I did purchase some items but next time I go I will not be paying for the goodie bag. It was definitely not worth it.

  • Denise:

    This past GNO was such a let down! Only one bar, liquor not good, no food and jewelry everywhere you turned! The goodie bag barely had enough to cover the bottom of the bag!

  • maryellen:


  • Crispy:

    I want to go back to Boston.. beautiful architecture

  • OohLaLovie:



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