Sexy Short Suits for Spring

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Now that the weather’s warm, it’s time to show off a lil’ leg and embrace this spring’s shorty-short suit trend. Shelve those plain pant suits and take a cue from fashionable famous ladies like Eva Longoria, Michelle Williams and Gwyneth Paltrow with short and sweet suit styles perfect for any occasion, whether dressed down for the weekend or glammed up for a girls’ night out!

-Kenia Mazariegos

For the Office

Tired of boring business casual (yawn!)? Freshen up your corporate attire with Victoria Secret’s Long & Lean One-button Jacket ($98), perfectly paired with their Tailored Shorts ($39.50, both at Victoria Slide on some pumps and you’re ready to strut down the office halls— you’ll be the talk of the cubicles in no time!

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  • tucuute:

    Very cute but I can’t wear shorts in my office.

  • OohLaLovie:

    cute but i dont know if i can pull it of!

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  • APB News:

    Formal shorts are always problematic (just as the gals over at A few years back, at least the style for the office was a long, knee length pair of shorts. Those were actually OK for casual Fridays. I agree with queenb12, the shorts in this slideshow are way to short for work. They look more like resort wear.


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    Short shorts are never appropriate for the office. And if you have a boss that is a stickler for all things appropriate, tread very lightly with this fashion.

  • Crispy:


  • penelope:

    I love short #2

  • surgtek23:

    This jacket is haute!


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