Spring Style: Five Hot Handbags

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Ahhh, accessories. They liven up any outfit, and are sometimes the best way to express yourself and make a statement! We love them all—baubles, shoes, scarves and, most of all, handbags. Each season gives us an excuse to shop new pieces. After all, a girl can never have too many handbags, right? Check out our five must-have bag picks for you to shop this season.

Sometimes less is more, and you just need an on-the-go bag to grab quickly before you fly out the door. The COACH Poppy Signature Flower Small Wristlet ($68 on Bloomingdales.com) is small but makes a bold statement with its signature jacquard and sequin-embellished, embroidered floral print and vibrant colors. You can clip it to a larger bag but I think it’s the perfect alternative for those times you don’t want to schlep a big bag all around town. For essentials only.

-Ehmonie Hainey of What’s Haute Magazine

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