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Sure, is your source for Girl Talk and we know that the articles on our site inspire you, but where should you turn if you want exclusive advice and interviews from powerful CEOs, motivational speakers and more in the realms of everything from media to charitable organizations? Welcome to Claudia’s Chan’s brand-new website,, which appropriately launched last week—just in time for Women’s History Month! brings forth a new era of mentoring with over 1000+ inspirational pieces. What’s more, provides statistics, exposing its readers to relevant information good for their personal growth. The site’s goal is to inform and uplift women, while covering topics that range from depression, low-self esteem, domestic abuse, cosmetic surgery, employment, and a series of present issues a lot of us are bound to relate to.

The site comes from Claudia Chan, women’s lifestyle expert and entrepreneur. In addition to posts with advice from big-names like Donna Karan, you can also watch Claudia interview amazing women like Lauren Ruotolo, Gloria Feldt, Elena Brower and more. We encourage you to visit the site; it’s like Chicken Soup for the Soul for today’s go-getting woman.

-Kenia Mazariegos

GIRL TALK TIME: What do you think of this new site? What is your fave, go-to site for inspiration? Who is the most inspirational woman in your  life?


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