Spring-Inspired Eyeshadows That Make Your Eyes Pop

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The warmer temperatures of spring (starting March 20th!) mean bolder hues in fashion and beauty. What better way to celebrate the season than with bright eyeshadow colors? March came in like a lion (hopefully it leaves like a lamb) and these eyeshadow palettes will keep you looking just as fierce and royal as the king of the jungle!

Spring is all about flirty flings, so with names like Starlet and Celebrity, Stila’s Bring Out Your Glam Eye Shadow Palette ($24) is the perfect way to start the season off right. These shades worn wet or dry will add the picture-perfect pigment to your look!

-Brianna Thompson for Make Up Minutes

BRIANNA THOMPSON graduated with a BA from Columbia College in Broadcast Journalism, and has had an extensive career working on and off camera. Brianna has always been drawn to the world of glamour and beauty. With over seven years experience in makeup artistry, She has worked for nationally recognized beauty brands such as Stila, Nars and Aveda Cosmetics educating and sharing the world of makeup! She has been working with an exclusive clientele at the award-winning spa in the Elysian Hotel and has experience in print, bridal, celebrity and commercial. Brianna is taking a new approach to beauty and style with the launch of her website, MAKEUPMINUTES.COM. Follow Brianna on Twitter and like Makeup Minutes on Facebook.


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  • annethecatdetective:

    Making me want to go out and buy even more eye shadow… Just bought a five buck beauty book from e.l.f. at Target when I needed to satisfy a retail therapy urge– not as sparkly as that NYX palette, but still pretty ‘me’.

  • nyc104682:

    love the blues and purples

  • princess159:

    The purples are pretty. Love thes colors

  • princess159:

    I love soft colors for the face and eyes. I don’t want too look to maked up.

  • vhue01:

    im really feeling the grey & glitter look

  • briteyes1955:

    I love all the mark. products, they have a tinted gel any it feels like there is no makeup on your face at all. They have come out with some great new bold eye shadows. They have fashion, jewerly, bags, hair products, skin care, amd makeup. You can shop online and have it delivered to your door. If you have a question about anything, there always glad to help you out!! Go check it out at http://marthaswain.mymarkstore.com/

  • megiam:

    I’d say NYX is a little to glitter-y for me! I just started using their products, some were hits while others were misses.

  • care6666:

    Gorgeous! I love a nice pop of color on the lower lid with a neutral base


    I love the rich colors, I wonder how they would look with my brown eyes?

  • Crispy:

    nice colors

  • OohLaLovie:

    Navy Blue is a brown eyed girls best friend!


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