Decorating Ideas That Won’t Send Your Guy Running

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Invest in a bar cart like Cross Country Furniture’s Big Wheel Serving Cart ($69 on When you’re hosting a party with your guy or he has his friends over to watch sports, you want to make it easy to whip up drinks in no time. If you don’t have the space to have your own at-home-bar, this is a perfect alternative. You’ll have everything in one place with a stylish bar cart…and it’s mobile, how convenient!

GIRL TALK TIME: What do you think of these ideas? What are your must-haves when moving in with a man? If you live with your guy, how have you decorated?


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  • bunchofmnms:

    I resisted the urge to add fushia feather boa to my zebra print lamp shades in my bedroom (my place, we don’t live together!!)…that’s progress……until I change my mind! lol some good points to ponder however….

  • Alina Johnson:

    Always better to decide together. My boyfriend and I moved into a new house (both coming from our own places) We decided to take only a few things from our places and start over with the rest. It worked out perfectly. We both love it

  • annethecatdetective:

    Oh, that serving cart is stylish! Reminds me a little of my grandmother’s old tea service cart, but with just a little bit of a hipper edge. Still got some old-fashioned charm, but the kind that would be perfect for a Nick&Nora Charles bash as well as a refined ladies’ luncheon.

  • Corrinne:

    a bit more design on the comforter would be better.

  • avatar

    We make decorating decisions together. It’s easy because I like clean lines and steer clear of floral decorations.

  • Candace:

    As long as whatever I brink in the house is not BRIGHT PINK, My beau doesn’t care. I try my best to get colors that aren’t sex bias, but I can be bias. Therefore I might get “bright blue” or “lavender” or “orange”! hehehaha!

  • avatar

    I like the comforter.

  • OohLaLovie:

    Good compromise.

  • Joy:

    My guy use to kick off the pink comforter I had. Not sure if he did it consciously or unconsciously. I always thought it was cute when I woke up and it was either on the floor or just pushed over to my side of the bed. :-)

  • Crispy:

    eh ok

  • penelope:



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