Beauty in Pretty Packaging

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I’m a morning person, but I realize that most of the world isn’t. I grew up with sisters and roommates who would constantly wake up on the wrong side of the bed. But oooooh, what glorious mornings would await those a.m. grouchy-faces if only they had Sephora’s Hot Hues Skinny Brush Wrap ($38) to apply their makeup. In striking orange or hot pink, these brushes are sure to wake you up. Is it crazy that I want to haul BOTH the orange and pink sets? Probably….

GIRL TALK TIME: What do you think of these picks? Are you a sucker for pretty packaging? What’s your fave?


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  • Alison Ferrara:

    Urban Decay makes just some of the coolest packaging – straight up! The stuff they did for Burton’s Wonderland was lovely (( and waaaay better then the film!))

  • nyc104682:

    they are all so pretty!

  • megiam:

    I’d like to say packaging doesn’t influence my decision, but that would be a lie. I’ve certainly battled between two products because of packaging appeal.

  • care6666:

    I have bought many items because of the packaging..Perfume bottles especially!

  • avatar

    Packaging doesn’t really make a difference to me.

  • dkono:

    Like the colors of the La Bohème Baked Eye Shadow Palette

  • Sabrina:

    I don’t think a pretty package will do it for me. I need to know what the product can do and if it work for me before I purchase it.

  • penelope:

    i like the perfume and eyeshadow but I wouldn’t buy makeup just because the packaging looks pretty. It has to be affective too.

  • Crispy:

    The PF lipstick is cute

  • OohLaLovie:

    Packaging is part of the appeal!


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