Snag Fab Oscars Hair at Home

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The Oscars are the biggest night in Hollywood! While we can’t actually snag our own little gold statues, sit next to Brad Pitt or wear Angelina’s dress, we can copycat the hairdos celebs sported. Natasha Sunshine of Byu-Ti Salon in Los Angeles has easy-to-do tips!

Best Ponytail(s): Gwyneth Paltrow & Sandra Bullock

It was a tough call between Gwyneth Paltrow and Sandra Bullock’s fabulous ponytails. Gwyneth stayed low and classic while Sandra went high and sleek. We couldn’t decide which we liked better, so we tied these two starlets.

Looks best on…

Texture: Fine to thick hair

Color: Blonde or a medium brown with highlights

Face shape: Most face shapes

Get the look: Start with clean, dry hair (flat iron if necessary). Part your hair off to your best side and pull it back into a low ponytail. Slide your ponytail about an inch and a half away from the nape of your neck and secure. Use a light spray like Colour Stylist Strengthening Control ($15.88 on Amazon) by Pureology to smooth down any flyaway hairs and to keep the hair behind your ears.

Take a small piece of hair from your tail and wrap around your band to hide it. Secure it with a bobby that matches your hair color on the underside of your pony for a simple, classic look.

Looks best on…

Texture: Medium to thick hair (fine-haired gals will want to add an extension to get the full effect)

Color: All hair colors

Face shape: Oval to round

Get the look: Make sure your hair is clean and dry (flat iron if necessary), then pull back those strands into a high ponytail. Use a fine-tooth comb to remove any bumps in the hair. Fasten a hair band and smooth over any loose ends around the hairline to get a very sleek finish.

Spray with a stronger hold hairspray like In Charge Plus Firm Finishing Spray ($17.49 on by Pureology. Lace or tease the underside of your pony to add volume. Smooth over the top side to hide any visible lacing and give a final mist of spray for shine and hold…and voila! You have yourself a sleek and sexy updo!

Photo credits (both Gwyneth & Sandra):

Tips by: Natasha Sunshine of Byu-Ti Salon, Los Angeles, CA.

Byu-Ti Salon is Santa Monica’s premier hair boutique, catering to some of Hollywood’s most notable manes, including that of Ivanka Trump, Molly Sims and Eva Herzigova. The founder of Byu-Ti Salon, Natasha Sunshine, is known in the Los Angeles and New York City fashion circles for her keen sense of style and unique approach to hair therapy, Natasha not only created a six-step consulting system for helping her staff identify and meet her client’s needs, she has also developed her own seven different hair care products, to supplement the line of top-notch goodies already in use at her salon. When Natasha is not helping people feel fabulous from the inside out, or making herself camera-ready for a television appearance (most recently, The Rachael Ray Show), she is working as an industry leader and educator for L’Oreal’s exclusive hair care line, Pureology.


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  • megiam:

    I can never seem to get my hair wrap around the pony tail to stay. =(

  • care6666:

    I love the high pony tail. I also like Gwyneth’s low pony as well. But I think my hair looks better up higher..

  • OohLaLovie:

    I’d like to try them all! Even Michelle Williams hair some day.

  • Crispy:

    Love all

  • penelope:

    Love all the hairstyles


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