New Ways to Wear ’90s Trends

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Evolution isn’t just biological—in the fashion world, sometimes what starts off as a fugly trend can, er, blossom into something beautiful. Looking back at some ‘90s fashion faux pas, the new millenium has definitely done the world of style good, proclaiming that less is more and you don’t have to be tacky to stand out. Below, some of my fave ’90s fads with much-needed modern revamps!

-Jinee Son

Thankfully, Forever 21 knows how to turn cheesy floral patterns into something pretty. Their Floral Dress w/ Tie ($19.80) is perfect for spring with its lightweight fabric, breezy silhouette and femme floral pattern. It’s soft without getting too “little girl” (cough, Kimmy!).

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  • megiam:

    I love those reeboks!! Nike has select styles that you can “design” yourself from color to print and even putting your own message on there. A short message of course.

  • avatar

    really like the j crew necklace!

  • frugalista757:

    fashion is forever evolving as it is recycling, I’m on the hunt for a cute denim shirt

  • tailoveshbk:

    i want a pair of those Reebok’s SO bad now!

  • OohLaLovie:

    Can’t believe its coming back!

  • Crispy:

    Kimmy from Full House!! Memories.. I love jean shirts too

  • penelope:

    fashion repeats itself just like history


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